Mondays Made Better with a Cup of Tea

Some people do not feel excited on Mondays. Maybe because it's the first day of the work week or school. Traffic in the city has always been terrible on Monday morning. We are tired but we are just about to start the week. I suggest get inspiration from people who make this day more challenging. Wake up everyday with a grateful heart and spirit. Our friends from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf partner with some of today's inspiring personalities to make Mondays magnificent.

Mondays Made Better with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Know your purpose says Magee Lilianna Manahan, Industrial designer and founder of design company Studio. Magee has gained international recognition for her imaginative art. Achieving success in the creative industry requires long hours of disciplined work, as well as a constant search for artistic inspiration. Manahan meets this challenge every Monday by frequently returning to her purpose. "A fellow designer told me he 'renews his contract' every year with God, his ultimate boss so that he knows what he is doing is where God wants him. I do the same. Whether I'm on an early morning road trip to check on samples, or concentrating on drawing my home accessories and sipping on tea, work is such a delight and an adventure because I know this what He wants for me!"

Magee Lilianna Manahan

Set goals that help others shared by Founder of MovEd and social entrepreneur Alex Eduque remains true to her purpose by doing work she knows will positively impact the lives of others. "I consider myself blessed to be able to do something for the benefit of the greater good, on a daily basis. I am truly grateful that I'm able to live my life in a meaningful manner, pursuing my passions and forging creative collaborations. No matter how tough the going gets, the fulfillment I gain in what I do is unparalleled. I encourage everyone to find that spark of inspiration in the little things, like your favorite cup of tea to start your day with. This is what will turn your Monday blues around for the better, forever."

comic artist Harvey Tolibao

Internationally recognized comic artist Harvey Tolibao started his career drawing on paper napkins. He has come a long way since then, now working with the biggest names in the industry, Marvel and DC Comics.  He attributes his success to meeting Mondays with positivity. “I feel privileged to be able work with the comic greats. I make start my week with optimism and a delicious cup of tea to get my creative juices for fresh ideas. As an illustrator, I look forward to Mondays because they signify a fresh start and an opportunity for me to fine-tune my work. ” Inspiring words from Harvey "Be positive."

Aly Borromeo

Decide to love what you do. Renowned football player Aly Borromeo always looks forward to Mondays because he loves his grind. “Football has always been my passion and I am lucky to be able to keep playing for this sport.  I always make sure that I am physically and mentally at my best in all trainings and matches. That is why starting the week strong is a GOAL I always try to win. A cup of tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® doesn’t hurt either.”

Michelline Syjuco

Michelline Syjuco believes in finding beauty in the ordinary. She is a multi-media artist, designer and sculptor. For her, creativity is a lot about perspective. “I was born into a family of artists, so creativity is in my blood. Making something beautiful out of seemingly ordinary and mundane things is my life's passion. That’s probably why Mondays always excite me. That, and a cup of tea!”

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf invites us to celebrate #MondaysMadeBetter.  By encouraging them to learn from the stories and advice of these 5 extraordinary individuals, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shows that it is possible to start the work week on a high note and that loving Mondays can truly make a difference in one’s life. 

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