Farm Tour: Confessions of a Picky Eater

Let me take you back to where it all started.

Costales Nature Farm Five Years Later

Sometime in 2011, I was invited to visit Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay Laguna. Out of curiosity, I accepted the invitation without any expectations except to experience a day in a place surrounded with trees and bahay-kubo. Back then, I was a picky eater. Too careful others would not notice my left overs. For some personal reasons, I find fruits and vegetables weird in texture and flavor.
Costales Nature Farm in 2011
Hubby played a big role influencing my eating habits. Back then, I was suffering from hyperacidity so I could not take breakfast. I always have stomach aches and have no appetite. We started limiting soda and artificial flavored drinks in my diet. He strongly (I mean it literally) suggested cooking only vegetable at night. If none, he's not gonna eat. At first, it was quite difficult but slowly I learned to adjust.

When the two of us were invited at Costales, I knew it's gonna be a jump start re-introducing nutritious food. I learned many things including the benefits of eating green, leafy vegetable and we're not yet talking about organic food. We were served with pesticide-free vegetables, antibiotic-free chicken and even organic meat. I never thought vegetable could be so yummy, sweet and crunchy. You can compare it with the conventionally grown vegetables. I enjoyed it so much that I realised it's not impossible to serve the same meal at home. So I scout for organic food and glad that I found it in leading supermarkets in Manila like Landmark supermarket, Robinsons, Rustans and a little and selected SM markets.

Today, I'm proud of what I've achieved in terms of lifestyle changes. Committing to a more healthier diet does not mean depriving yourself of other food. I still love desserts like cakes, ice cream all sort of pastries. I indulge but do not over indulge. At least now, I'm more conscious of what I eat and source them from known suppliers. It will not hurt visiting the farmers and talking to them.


Revisiting Costales Nature Farm Five Years Later

I'm glad I had the chance to revisit Costales Nature Farms a couple of weeks ago, five years since I went there for the first time. I can still remember, the look of the farm then. We used to sleep in that nipa hut (see 1st photo above). OABloggers shared a room with four double-deck beds. The weather was very cold especially in the evening. Before bedtime, we would enjoy a cup of hot tarragon tea and experienced undisturbed sleep.

The farm has changed a lot. I mean not only physical change but as a whole. I saw variety of crop. Learned multi-cropping, companion cropping and crop rotations. I met younger people who are now into agriculture. Costales is much bigger compared before. There are lots of kubo for day-tour guests. Accommodations are even beautiful. There are family rooms as well.

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This is our kubo surrounded with lush green, edible plants and fruit-bearing trees. I slept with fellow and mommy blogger Ruth. At 6am, we're all ready for the farm tour but before that, we strike a pose in front of our kubo with this papaya tree.


Someone was happily harvesting organic lettuce.


After the tour, we were served with delightful breakfast. Costales promotes farm to table concept promoting health meals for its visitors.

Breakfast consist of organic tapa and longganisa, organic egg, pako salad and Barako coffee
Costales Farm's build a Greenhouse program

Costales farm has been offering Farm Joint Venture greenhouse. It's called build a greenhouse program between the investors who wants to invest in organic agriculture and Costales farm. When you visit you would the investor's name in a greenhouse. :)


Some herbs to take note:
Spearmint works as broncho dilator
Tarragon for insomnia
Sage for culinary
Mayana plant is good anti-septic and can be use for cough
Lemongrass (tanglad) helps lower blood pressure.
Citonella to get away mosquitoes

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There's so much you can do when visiting Costales Nature Farm. It's so huge and spacious, there's no dull moment. Every visit provides learning opportunities from setting up your own garden at home to understanding the wonder benefits of organic. Costales offers farm tours starting at P260, the Lakbay Aral Tour. For more information you may visit their website:

Agricultural Training Institute Central Office
ATI Building, Elliptical Road, Diliman
Quezon City 1100 Philippines
Trunkline: (63-2) 9298541 to 49
Fax no. (63-2) 9209792

Costales Nature Farms
Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna
Phone: (049) 5763824

It's been two years now when I shifted to organic. Although not 100% into organic because I'm still in the look out for natural ingredients for my household needs. My grocery list includes organic egg, free range chicken, organic vegetables and salad ingredients, brown rice, olive oil, muscovado and coco sugar. I'm proud to say that I'm eating variety of food - from fruits and vegetables. I'm not vegetarian, I still enjoy pork and beef dishes but prefers fish most of the time. Now, I'm considering organic skin care products and makeup. Perhaps you have recommendations.

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I would love to hear your thoughts about organic food? Do you find it complicated and having a hard time to find organic products? Have you been to Costales Nature Farms?


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