Recreating Childhood Memories Over Coffee

I've seen the video of siblings who surprised their old dad of a brand new car. It was heartwarming and so it went viral. What act of gratitude or something special have you ever did for your mom or dad? A couple of months ago, I was at Alessi coffee shop in BGC to attend the simple launch of Lily's coffee. Coffee master and certified Q grader, Eric Conlin hosted the event and showed us his three wonderful coffee creations he dedicated to his beloved mom, the Lily's Coffee collection.

Recreating Childhood Memories Over Coffee

Lily's comes in a lovely canned packaging, I find it classic and old-It's available in three variants - cappuccino, royal latte, and cocoa to give a complete coffee experience.

Lily's Coffee by Eric Conlin
Lily's Coffee by Eric Conlin
We were lucky to have some coffee latte art session courtesy of Eric Conlin himself and his team. I enjoyed making my own coffee art. Look what I got?

Coffee latte art session at alessi
Coffee latte art session at Alessi


May I say it was easy to do latte art, naks! Here's an example, draw small circles over the coffee. Using a stick, slightly draw a big circle passing by every small circle. See, you can make hearts with that simple technique.


Here's another one. We sprinkle some Lily's cocoa powder over my cappuccino using a designed paper filter.



Eric decided to come up with this coffee collection to keep all the fun and wonderful memories of her mom. Truly an inspiration to the young generation and to all coffee lovers. 💗

Eric Conlin, Coffee Master, creator of Lily's coffee collection

I've tried the three variants and my favorite was the luxurious Royal Latte. Aside from that, one of my favorite coffee is their Artisans Premium Blend coffee. You may get Lily's coffee at Alessi Coffee Shop in BGC.


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