Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

I've gone through a lot of failures. Failures in my career, in making choices when I was younger. Until now, people would tell me that I should jump the opportunities in other countries and practice my nursing profession.

STAR Margarine Fairy Bread by Woman In Digital

Remembering the time I was still preparing for the nurse licensure examination. Some were putting pressure upon me to sit for the June exam but I postponed it until December 2001. Despite their comments, I seriously spent six months just reading all the nursing text books, putting to heart all nurse licensure examination tips. If only I can call the fairy god mother, I would but my hopes and trust is in Him alone. It was a sweet ending when I passed and even top the board exam. Well not in the top 10 but I'm proud to be in the top 20. 😊

STAR Margarine Fairy Bread by Woman In Digital

You see, success is much sweeter if you know how it feels to be a failure. We become more mature when we are facing challenges in life. Most of all, I become more grateful for all the blessings in my life. We are not perfect, we are just human beings. Failure is necessary to build our dreams.

Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

Isn't it we wanted to spend more time alone? I usually reflect on my mistakes and write a note for myself. I also love spending an afternoon in the garden with my favorite snacks while sipping freshly brewed coffee. Aside from coffee, I also love bread. It's a staple food at home. It's my favorite breakfast and noon and evening snack.

STAR Margarine Fairy Bread by Woman In Digital

Go back to reading. Find inspiring stories and quotes that will boost your morale. Stay away from negative people who will try to put you down, especially when you're feeling down. Best of all, love and appreciate the people around you. You should not feel alone or it would make you feel depress.

Go out with close friends, doesn't need to be in big group. Talk to your best friend, mom or spouse. My husband is a good adviser. He says what he thinks is best for me without sugar coating.

The most important thing you should do is to love yourself.

STAR Margarine Fairy Bread by Woman In Digital

When you're down and weary, you lose appetite. Eat good-mood, nutritious food - high in vitamins and minerals. Here's a simple yet tasty snacks you can whip up at home using STAR Margarine Fairy Bread. The New STAR Margarine Fairy Bread comes in four different variants: stars, Christmas trees, flowers and classic sprinkles.

STAR Margarine and Sprinkled Candies Recipe

STAR Margarine Fairy Bread by Woman In Digital

1. Toast bread
2. Add a generous amount of STAR Margarine. Margarine is nutritious as it has vitamins B6, B9, and B12, vitamin D, and iodine
3. You may also add pure honey if you want.
4. Sprinkle some candied sprinkles
5. Sliced into four
6. Served with fruits like grapes or strawberries.
7. Served with coffee or tea

Take a photo of your creation and get a chance to win special STAR Margarine Fairy Bread KitsWhen you share a photo, don’t forget to use the hashtags #StarSiKidStarSiMommy #StarFairyBread and Tag Star Margarine on Facebook 

Royal Albert Plate at Rustans Department Store

Ladies, there’s no need to linger on a failure because you too can get a chance to win special STAR Margarine Fairy Bread Kits. Life is short, life is a celebration.


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