Silky and Shiny Hair in an instant with Quera Pro

Last year, I colored my hair twice. And just a few days ago I changed it to ash brown. Frequent coloring could damage, makes hair dry and frizzy. So I make sure to use keratin treatment and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

I received a set of hair care products which includes a small bottle of Keratin Protein Solution. Quera Pro Power Fix Weightless Serum Control is a new product that will be out in the market very soon. Luckily, we're the first one to try this product. 😍

Quera Pro Power Fix Weightless Serum Control

Power Fix Weightless Serum Control is a Keratin Protein Solution produced by Winzo International Corporation. Literally, it's a power fix serum recommended for all hair types including mine, natural curly. With just a few pumps (2-3), the serum provides a lustrous shine and instant glow to my hair.

How to USe Quera Pro Power Fix Weightless Serum Control:

Before I learned about Quera Pro, I would apply two types of serum for my hair - one is for hair, and scalp treatment before taking a bath and after bath, another serum with argan oil. Oftentimes, I would forget applying the before serum especially when I get up in the morning a bit late and rushing to prepare our healthy breakfast before going to the bathroom. However, there's no problem with the after bath serum since I can just bring it and apply to my hair on the road.

Start with clean, dry hair. Apply Quera Pro serum evenly to the strand using the palm of your hands while brushing continuously. Re-apply if you want to achieve straight sleek-look.


Because it comes in a small, handy bottle, it's easier to carry even when traveling. It comes with a pump so it prevents from accidental spilling. You also get the desired amount according to the length of your hair. Quera Pro has a mild, floral scent.

I used to hate oil for hair as it often leaves a greasy feeling and attracts dust and dirt. I'm glad that Quera Pro is non-greasy and easily absorbs in my hair. Best of all, Quera Pro is okay to use even with colored treated hair just like mine. I just recently had hair colored done by L'Oreal. 

The packaging indicates the use of mild and natural ingredients such as avocado extract and jojoba oil.


Hydrolyzed Wool Keratin, Olive Oil Extract, Vegetable Glycerine, Jojoba oil, Avocado extract, DexPanthenol, Cyclosiloxane Blend and essential oil fragrance.

Quera Pro is indeed a beauty care essential for every busy women like me. It provides an instant quick fix so it spares me from the hassle and time consuming blow drying just to achieve a well-groomed hair. Quera Pro will be available soon. Stay tuned and follow me on social media networks on Instagram @LivingMarjorney. 


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