The Marriage of Personal Preference and Interior Design

Imagine two people coming from a different culture and family upbringing live together in one roof. 

Woman In Digital at Moodboard Manila event
What I Wore: Penshoppe Jacket
Oxygen floral dress

I used to be an urban girl who loves anything and everything old and antique. Deep in my heart, I knew my New York dream house will soon get materialize. One of my dreams is to live in a country style house. But even if this dream did not materialize because God has something else better, I'm still thankful receiving almost everything I ever wanted.

A couple of years ago, I received an old wooden bed same as my age. It was in dark brown shade which later on I decided to repaint with shiny white coating. Just a few weeks ago, I had to let it go to give more space at home. Besides we haven't use it for years now. It was stocked in the other room so I just pass it to my brother.

Home and Interior Design
I personally hate that table in the middle of two single chairs but hubby doesn't want to let go of it so I just cover with a nice fabric. Here's an update: Finally, it's gone! I was able to sell it for a few pesos.

We bought an old, segunda mana sofa (photo above). The seller told us it came from a family of a well-known comedian. I don't mind at all, I just love it's design even if most people would tell me it's not aesthetically pleasing and a bit uncomfortable to sit down. Well, it's a Japanese sofa I always tell them. But with so much complaints, I'm also considering an upgrade hopefully soon when I find the best living room for us.

During one of our staycations in Aurum One hotel along Evangelista, Makati. I found a nice antique chandelier. But until now it remains seated in one corner of the house. I'm still looking for someone who could put it up in our dining area. Any leads would be much appreciated. :)

modern sofa by Innovation Sofa
modern sofa by Innovation Sofa
On the other hand, my better half loves modern and minimalist furniture and design. We recently bought a four-seater modern style, dining table. I let go of our old round rattan just because I find it too bulky and eats up more space. Later on, I realized I shouldn't have sell it, lol.

As a couple, we learned to appreciate one's taste and preferences. I appreciate how he made me the queen of the house and let me manage the home. I love moving furniture from time to time.

My house is still a work in progress. It's an old style apartment in the 70's.  In designing, I find inspiration on Pinterest as well.

Home Ideas and Interior Design
These photos were given to us by our friends.
I love adding pieces that can accentuate every corner of my house just like this USB light bulb (photo above) I received from Moodboard Manila. The company offers an expert space consultancy for interior decorating and event styling.

Moodboard Manila collaborates with Interior Designer Cat Arambulo-Antonio

To share more ideas and inspiration on interior designing, Moodboard Manila invited interior designer and fashion blogger, Cat Arambulo-Antonio.

Moodboard Manila collaborates with Interior Designer Cat Arambulo

I had a short conversation with Cat right after the program. She was very comfortable to talk to, very friendly as well. We talked about the things we love collecting. I told her my husband loves collecting boxes, yes any kind of box as long as it's clean. I told her how I feel about it, sometimes I get irritated with all the clutter. But I was surprised when she told me she also loves collecting paper bags, those nice bags we get from shopping especially at branded stores. Our discussion went on very casual until my husband joined us.

Here are some interior design ideas courtesy of Moodboard Manila

If there's one thing that I learned from her is not to spend more on home accessories like figurines, picture frames, vases etc. These items are usually given to us on Christmas and other special occasions. We can get these during our trips, they are more memorable.

Moodboard Manila collaborates with Interior Designer Cat Arambulo
with interior designer Cat Arambulo-Antonio
Woman In Digital wearing floral dress from Oxygen

"There's no rule in designing your space" says Moodboard Manila. Do whatever pleases you. Add a nice item that will stand out like a red pillow case. The marriage of personal preferences and interior design helps in creating your own 'personal space'. Do you have home interior design ideas to share? Hit the comment section.


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