Look of the Day | Almost-Bohemian With Mossimo

Do you love bohemian headbands or offbeat sunglasses? It feels great to play and showcase my take of 'almost-bohemian' style. Inspired by Mossimo's Spring/Summer 2017 collection, it was a lot more easier to mix and match then come up with a trendy Coachella look. I hope you'll like my look of the day.

Look of the Day: Almost-Bohemian by Mossimo

Since it's almost summer in the Philippines, get ready to amp up your wardrobe as Mossimo, one of Manila’s favorite casual wear brands, releases their Spring/Summer 2017 collection with the themes of “Coachella” and “La Isla”.

Mossimo's Coachella-inspired collection

The inspiration was taken from the infamous music festival and the fashion culture that it has given birth to, the first half of Mossimo’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection revolves around relaxed, laid back pieces that are perfect for that almost-bohemian, Coachella-inspired look & lifestyle.

Look of the Day: Almost-Bohemian by Mossimo
Mr and Mrs SeatsForTwo Wear Mossimo
The collection includes a dynamic range of pieces and an interesting texture play on weaves and cotton knits.

Mossimo's Coachella-inspired collection

Mossimo makes it incredibly easy to cop the looks of the always-stylish who populate the crowded festival grounds.

Mossimo's Coachella-inspired collection

Mossimo's Coachella-inspired collection

From sexy off-shoulder tops, comfortable yet trendy maxi-dresses, funky space dyed polo tops, and your favorite closet staple of denims, the collection, while never compromising quality and wearability, personifies the burst of colors that can only be found in festive music extravaganzas.

Mossimo's Island Life Collection

The second half of Mossimo’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is all about the island life. Laid-back, easy-breezy, and highly-reminiscent of the Caribbean scene and vibes, the collection focuses on tropical elements, the abundance of flora & fauna, and the romance found in dusky sunsets by the shore.

With a unique and striking color palette of sand and peach tones, combined with the light & deep blue hues of the sea, key pieces feature dip-dyed cotton shirts, one-shoulder ruffled tops, on-trend stripe and floral prints, and lightweight destructed denim items that will remind one of the enviously chill life beside the oceans.

The new Spring/Summer 2017 collection is now available in all Mossimo stores nationwide. Join us and show your look of the day by tagging WearMossimo on Facebook and Instagram.

Mossimo's Coachella-inspired collection
Look of the day:
Top: off-shoulder floral print Mossimo top P1,290
Converse white Pro Leather Sneaker
It was fun mix and match pieces and showcase my style. I wanted to wear a gladiator shoes but why not try the Converse white Pro Leather sneaker? Because it's almost summer and the weather is hot, the white shoes matches the Mossimo off-shoulder printed top. Next time, I'll wear the gladiator shoes and knitted top by Mossimo.

Get a piece or two of these off-the-shoulder crop tops, trendy maxi-dresses, funky space dyed polo tops and showcase your style of modern bohemian look. Wear Mossimo


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