Casual Summer and a Refreshing Escape

The weather gets hotter but we should be thankful for some late afternoon rains. One Saturday, I decided to pack my things and bring work with my Asus Zenbook 2 at the nearest Figaro coffee. Because the heat was so unbearable, I had something cold and icy to cool me down - Figaro Java Chip Frappe.

Summer Escape

I brought my own mason jar. It's my own little way of saving mother earth by using less paper cups. Of course, you can always ask Figaro to serve your drinks in ceramic cups. By the way, even the straw I'm using is recyclable and reusable, it just need to be rinsed well. Figaro is also selling ceramic cups and tumblers for both hot and iced beverages.

Figaro Java Chip Frappe

Refreshing Escape with Figaro Java Chip Frappe

Figaro Java Chip Frappe is so delicious. I finished it right away. I like the chocolate bits on top while the whip cream looks good in it. On the other hand, you may request not to have the cream like what I always do.

Figaro Java Chip Frappe
Figaro Java Chip Frappe
My favorite snacks at Figaro has always been the Pasta Al tonno, cooked in tuna with olives. I would also order warm muffins like the chocolate muffin but my favorite is the cheese variant.

Figaro Java Chip Frappe

By the way, did you notice my new Kipling tote? This is part of Kipling's New Dream Garden Collection.

Casual Summer Outfit

Kipling Dream Garden Collection
Kipling Dream Garden Collection
Kipling Dream Garden Collection
casual summer outfit in Forever 21 cami & Butterfly Twist sandals

It's very convenient to live in a place accessible to almost anything and everything one might need. For a refreshing escape, I'm glad Figaro is just a few blocks away. I can just go out in casual summer outfit in Forever 21 camiButterfly Twists sandals. How about you? How are you dealing with the summer heat?


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