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I've heard about Dermaline from my aunt and my late but fashionable grandmother many years ago. For those who do not know, Dermaline started in 1996, they pioneered the face and skin care centers in the Philippines. Today, the brand is more popularly known as Diana Stalder by Dermaline with over 25 branches here and abroad. I visited one of their branches in Quezon City, Diana Stalder Gateway Cubao as they celebrate its 3rd year anniversary.

Diana Stalder Face Body Surgicenter

Diana Stalder is known as a face and body surgicenter, meaning they provide various treatments for face and body. They have variety of facial treatments, just today DS also launched four facial treatments. The clinic also offers skin care products from women's basic skin care kit to body moisturizers and even intimate wash.

I met the passionate owner, Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skin Care and Beauty Cafe President and CEO, Dina dela Paz-Stalder and her daughter Diana. Dina started with a small drugstore, Beauchamps Pharmacy, in 1989. But she did not just stop there. In 1999, she further established BCP Dermatological Corporation as the marketing arm to distribute products, and the Stalder Laboratories Incorporation as the manufacturing arm to produce different products for every skin need.

Moreover, Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skin Care and Beauty Cafe was first established in 1996 with a name Dermaline Facial Center, the one I mentioned earlier. The brand name was changed in 2004 carrying the name of Dina’s daughter, Diana Stalder, who is now a registered pharmacist and aesthetician following her mother’s steps into the business.

DS Cafe  treated us to a good and healthy lunch at Diana Stalder's very own wellness cafe that serves healthy and organic meals at a very reasonable price.

DS Beauty Cafe

This Pork in Mushroom Sauce (Per serving: 399 Calories; 19g Fat; 47g Protein; 9g Carbohydrate) was good and tasty. I like how they make the sauce, not too oily and it was flavorful. It goes well with the organic red rice.

I give two thumbs up to DS Cafe's Spinach Salad with Shrimp and Quail Eggs
(Per serving: 391 Calories; 17g Fat; 51g Protein; 5g Carbohydrate). The greens were fresh and crunchy. The shrimp was very tasty and complements well with the lettuce and spinach which are both bland. It was served with salad dressing as well.

While enjoying the lunch, Diana Stalder team introduced their latest facial treatments - Nacar Treatment with Blanc White, Caviar Facial Treatment that comes with dS Anti-aging kit, Skin Sensations Treatment plus Gold Mask and Instalift Treatment plus RGnerin Mark RT4 Retinol with Vitamin C.

  • The Nacar Treatment plus Blanc White is a combination of two powerful brands for fast and effective whitening plus anti-aging. It promotes skin lightening and illuminating which is suitable for all skin types, especially for skin with localized and diffuse blemishes.
  • The Caviar Luxury Facial treatment plus dS Anti-Aging Kit is an Anti-Aging Fusion, which is an excellent way to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin. Just the name alone of a Caviar Luxury facial already evokes indulgence. This is because the trace elements of caviar promote smoothness and elasticity.
  • The Instalift Luxury Facial is so called because it’s non-invasive and an alternative to facial surgery in combination with Rgnerin Mask RT4 Retinol with Vitamin C, which stimulates cell regeneration. This treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lift and tone facial muscles, firm facial contours and gives more youthful appearance. The Rgnerin Mask contains linseed oil, which softens and acts as an emollient while the aloe soothes and tones, and acts as an anti-irritant.
  • Nothing says luxury like gold, and the Skin Sensations treatment includes Casmara Gold Mask 2080, which contains 24k gold dust and seaweed extract, which tightens the face and neckline combined with intense nutrition and revitalization. The seaweed extracts provides deep moisturization.

Diana Stalder Branches:

  • Gateway Mall, Basement 2 Gateway mall, Araneta Center, Cubao Tel No. 0922-8226650
  • SM Megamall 5/F Mobile No. 0925-3006395
  • SM Calamba 3/F SM City Calamba Laguna Mobile No. 0925-3006 395
  • SM Bacolod 3/F North Wing SM Bacolod City
  • Robinson's Place Iloilo 2/F Ledesma Wing Robinson's Place

I will definitely come back at Diana Stalder to try one of their facial treatments so please visit this blog soon for my review. Congratulations Diana Stalder Gateway Mall branch. Cheers to more years of providing beauty and holistic treatments.


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