RCBC Celebrates 57 Years with New Look and Exciting Offers

I've been using RCBC Bankard for ten years now. Despite the many offerings of other credit card companies, I remained a loyal card holder. I usually use my card when traveling and shopping. Recently, RCBC unveils a new logo and tagline "We Believe in You", because the bank wants every Filipino to achieve their financial goals.

RCBC Celebrates 57 Years with New Look and Exciting Offers

“We believe in you” is not just a tagline for RCBC, but a battle cry to show our unwavering support and trust to the indomitable Filipino spirit. At the same time, this new corporate thrust is meant to encourage Filipinos not only to dream, but to pursue their passions and dreams, and turn them into reality – whether it’s traveling to your dream destination, venturing into a new business, or purchasing a new home or car,” Buenaventura stressed.

RCBC's new logo is more simple and minimalist. It embodies RCBC’s new mission of being more accessible to younger Filipino depositors, who are looking for better ways to save and grow their money. RCBC wants Filipinos to know that the bank believes that there is no limit in the things they can achieve if they decide to start building their future early, especially with a strong banking partner, ready to  advise them every step of the way.

Shopping with my RCBC Bankard
Shopping with my RCBC Bankard

These changes is just in time as the bank celebrates its 57th year of excellent business in the Philippines. The bank reached a consolidated net income of P1 billion in the first quarter of 2017. It also showed more strength as assets increased to P526 billion as of March 2017. RCBC’s total number of branches also increased to 489 while ATM terminals increased to more than 1,500 nationwide as of the first quarter of 2017.

To know more about the newest offerings you may visit my previous post. Who knows you might win a trip to Europe.

Congratulations RCBC Savings Bank. Now, I am thinking of opening a savings account to complete this banking experience. Cheers to another 57 years! 


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