Smooth & Shiny Hair with Symply G with Keratin & Argan Oil

I used to envy girls with beautifully long, and shiny hair. I was born with a natural wavy hair and it's difficult to manage and style. For the longest time, I would visit the salon to straighten my hair. Then I discovered Symply G Keratin shampoo and conditioner with Argan Oil.

Smooth & Shiny Hair with Symply G Keratin & Argan Oil

There were some days when my hair looks dull, frizzy, and tangled, The struggle is real when I opt to use a hair-blower 'til my arms hurt, or I will just settle for a ponytail.

Smooth & Shiny Hair with Symply G with Keratin & Argan Oil

I immediately noticed my hair having only minimal frizz and became much softer after initial use.
I usually apply hair treatments after washing especially when I'm going out for an event. Otherwise, my hair really looks dry and dull. Surprisingly, with just one use of Symply G with Argan Oil makes my hair shinier and softer.

Symply G did an amazing job in softening my crowning glory in just one wash so I became a fan right away. To prove it, here's a 1 minute shower video of me using the Symply G 1 minute Deep Conditioning Therapy with Argan Oil.

Symply G is infused with Argan Oil that works on strengthening and restoring hair's shine and moisture. While Argan oil is non-greasy and works like a perfect leave-on conditioner. It tamed my hair and prevents it from having fly-aways. As a result, I always have a good hair day. Aside from that, Argan Oil also treats dandruff. The benefits of Argan Oil is infused in every sachet of Symply G shampoo and conditioner!

Busy women will love Symply G. Just apply a good amount of this nice smelling Symply G with Keratin shampoo followed with Keratin conditioner onto your hair, from root to tip and just leave for 1 minute before rinsing off.

Budget Beauty: Symply Gorgeous Hair with Keratin & Argan Oil For Only P6

Not all of us can afford to visit the salon on a regular basis. In fact, I know people who haven't even stepped inside a salon for a treatment. Some don't even bother to inquire the cost for regular hot oil treatment. Of course, I know the feeling. I've been through the same situation. But that would not let me stop in taking care of myself especially my hair.

Symply G with Keratin & Argan Oil
after wash using Symply G

Regular hot oil and Keratin treatment are costly, unfortunately the effect won't last even a month? A few months ago, I just had a Brazilian treatment and look at my hair now, dry and coarse due to sun damage and pollution. The easiest and most effective way to maintain a silky, smooth hair is applying keratin treatment regularly. More conveniently at home.

I recently discovered the best way to achieve a gorgeous hair for only P6? I experienced a salon like treated hair done at the comfort of my home with Symply G. This product helps saves our money and time going to the salon. Symply G shampoo and conditioner is affordable and 'swak sa budget'.  The 22ml sachet can be used in 2-3 washing depending on your hair length. It's definitely much bigger in size compared to other leading brand. Symply G sachets are handy, I can bring it anytime, anywhere especially when travelling.

Symply G shampoo and conditioner is best for colored and treated hair. Take a look at my hair after-wash, without using blow-dry or iron. I feel more confident and ready to face the day.

Symply G with Keratin & Argan Oil

Budget Hair Treatment with Symply G with Keratin & Argan Oil
Budget Hair Treatment  you can use daily, Symply G with Keratin & Argan Oil 

Here's my look when I attended a Chinese Festivity held at the Winford Hotel Manila. I did not use a hair-drier or iron to fix my hair. It's soft, manageable and less fly-aways. Symply G also works on split ends by nourishing our hair from roots to tips.

1 Minute Hair Treatment with Symply G Keratin w/ Argan Oil
1 Minute Hair Treatment with Symply G Keratin w/ Argan Oil

Do you have crazy hair stories you'd like to share? Now you know how to achieve that Symply Gorgeous hair, convenient and pocket-friendly. Symply G Shampoo and Conditioner is now available at all leading supermarket and sari-sari store. Symply G retails at P6 per 22ml sachet.


  1. I've tried the Symply G Shampoo and I've noticed a difference in my hair texture, naging softer, thicker, manageable and as of the price??? super worth it (affordable).

  2. Symply G sounds awesome. I love products with argon oil. I didn't know it strengthened hair as well as make it softer. I definitely need to try this!

  3. I've never tried this but I love your after shots. I'll have to give it a try with my crazy thick hair.

  4. Your hair does look vibrant and healthy. I need to do something with mine, winter is coming.

  5. this sounds a great product.. i must try look this in the market and try..


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