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I recently tried Blue Water Day Spa's green tea body scrub a couple of months ago. A good skin care regimen I could do once in a while to remove dead skin cells. From the different treatments my favorite is the Traditiona Hilot with the use of hot stone.

While more and more treatments are added to their list of services, Blue Water Day Spa family is also growing. Just last week, they introduced their newest ambassadors. And just in time for this holiday season, Blue Water Day Spa proudly presents its roster of ambassadors: Michelle Dee, Harry Morris, Fabio Ide, Ara Arida and Christian Bautista.

The youthful Michelle Dee said she loves the Combo Herbal Massage with the use of a soothing blend of essential oils, the deep tissue massage helps to work out the tensions in the back and neck.

A multi-awarded artist and actor, Christian Bautista is too busy preparing for the shows. The long production days and the stress sometimes makes him crave for chips and other snacks. But he shares his favorite Blue Water Day Spa treatment, the Therapeutic Colonic Massage. It is the latest method of losing weight, and it gives Christian that boost of energy.

Ariella “Ara” Arida
Ariella “Ara” Arida

Meanwhile, Ariella “Ara” Arida, Miss Universe 2013- Third Runner Up, shares the importance of feeling and looking good. She invests time and effort in maintaining her toned physique and youthful looks. With that Ara makes sure to visit Blue Water Day Spa for Y-Lift treatments. The Y Lift treatment is a combination of facial and skin treatment. It also helps to reduce the signs of skin-aging and gently “lifts” the face for that youthful look.

Always on intense training, Harry Morris, a player of the Philippine Volcanoes (rugby team) likes the Athlete’s Massage. This deep tissue massage does incredibly well in making sure that you stay at the top of your game and that you enjoy that range of motion painlessly.

Blue Water Day Spa has numerous other treatments depending on your need and lifestyle. For active individuals and athletes like Fabio Ide and Harry Morris, they turn to Blue Water Day Spa’s Athlete Massage to help soothe the aches in their muscles.

I've tried a number of treatments at Blue Water Day. Another interesting and relaxing one is the Chakra Aromatherapy Massage, a type of treatment using hot stone. What's your favorite spa treatment?


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