#UyChristmas: Holiday Menu Ideas

Christmas menu can be effortless but still appealing and tasty. Forget about the long hours in the kitchen. Spend quality time with family and friends. Here's an easy holiday recipe and food items you may include in your menu.

Porky Pit: Cebu Lechon Belly

If you're looking for Cebu Lechon, then you should try Porky Pit Lechon Belly.

Cebu is known for their spices and herbs particularly the combination of lemon grass, leeks, salt, pepper, and garlic as stuffing inside the pig's belly. Porky Pit Lechon Belly uses the same ingredient the way a traditional Cebu Lechon is being prepared. Porky Pit is a roasted belly slowly cooked over oven heat in correct temperature to retain the crispiness of the skin. But aside of stuffing the pork with spices and herbs, Porky Pit marinates it with the basic ingredients of Lechon Cebu before roasting.

Porky Pit's Lechon Belly
For Christmas eve, we recommend Porky Pit's Lechon Belly.

Porky Pit offers the following:
  • Lechon Belly
  • Lechon Rice which is available in their store; for people who likes to dine and eat on the go. 
  • Lechonara with veggie, it's 60% lechon and 40% vegetables. 
Porky Pit's Pinoy Lechonarma

Porky Pit's Pinoy Lechonarma recipe combines the Cebu Lechon and shawarma style with the preference of the Filipino. This dish makes you enjoy a balanced mix of veggies and all meat Lechon. Their Lechonarma is wrapped in pita bread with cucumber, white onion, tomatoes, garlic and Porky Pit Lechon. With options between Roasted Sesame or Garlic sauce or additional cheese.

Porky Pit:

#32 Marcos Highway, Brgy. Mayamot
Antipolo, Rizal
Call (02) 656 1161

Holiday Sweet Ham by King Sue

The Christmas Ham have been part of Noche Buena in the Philippines. You’d almost always find a variant of these hams, also known as Sweet Ham. King Sue’s new chef-consultant, Katrina “Kat” Cua of katshappyfood.com, has great Christmas recipes using the brand’s ham and assortment of meat products. She brings her experiences to the fore through easy-to-prepare yet delicious dishes that are perfect for the Noche Buena feast.


Cooking Liquid:
1 cup sugar
1 ½  crushed pineapple
2 ½ cups freshly squeezed orange juice
2 cups 7up
½ cup rum
3 tablespoon bay leaves
2 tablespoon crushed garlic
1 tablespoon whole black pepper
1 tablespoon lemon zest
1 tablespoon orange zest
1 tablespoon lime zest
1 ½ cup honey
½ cup orange marmalade
Juice of 2 lemons
Juice of 1 lime

1.     Remove ham from packaging.
2.     Carefully scrape the starch covering the ham. Wash completely.
3.     Place ham in a pan. Cover with enough water and set aside for 4 hours. Every hour, change the
       water of the ham. This is done to remove the excess salt. Note: Do not soak overnight.

Cooking instructions:
1.Place the ham in a pan with approximately 3 liters of water or enough to cover the ham,
with skin facing down.
2.Slowly bring to a boil, skimming away any foam that forms on top. Gently simmer for 30
minutes. Drain and discard the water.
3.Mix all the ingredients of the cooking liquid in to the pan. Add 6 cups of water, then place
the ham with the skin facing up as not to stick on the pan.
4.Bring to a boil and once it reaches the boiling point, reduce the heat. Simmer until fully
5.One indication that the ham is cooked is when you can easily pull the fork back out. Another
indication is when the meat starts to separate from the bone as well as the skin with meat. Be careful not to overcook as it will fall apart.
6.     Remove the ham from heat. Marinate in the cooking liquid for a minimum of 12 hours.
7.     For better presentation, remove the skin and place brown sugar on top and torch the ham
       until it caramelizes.

Honey Citrus King Sue Bone-in Ham
Honey Citrus King Sue Bone-in Ham

Read more about King Sue Ham on our couple blog, Seats For Two.

King Sue Ham
Telephone: +632.881-0530, 364-5430, 376-6441
Mobile: +639199889642
Email: sales@kingsue.com
Website: www.kingsue.com

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter : @KingSueHam

Pasta in Pesto and Gold Seas Chunky Tuna in Herb & Garlic (Woman In Digital Recipe)


1 can Gold Seas Chunky Tuna
1/4 spaghetti or any type of noodles
1/4 cup pesto sauce
1/4 cup black olives
4 tbsp olive oil for sauteeing


Cook pasta until al dente
Prepare other ungredients. Chopped black olives, chopped onions (optional).
Sautee onions & black olives in olive oil.
Add Gold Seas Chunky Tuna in Herb and Garlic
Add pesto sauce.
Simmer until cook.
Add salt & pepper to taste. Add pasta and garnish with parsley.

Holiday Beverage: May 100% Sparkling Grape Juice

Make Christmas eve more exciting and joyous one with a bottle of Non-Alcoholic May 100% Sparkling Grape Juice.

May 100% Sparkling Grape Juice is a delicious beverage, radiating fresh and fruity flavors of Belgium’s finest and carefully selected grapes. Best of all it has no added sugar and preservatives. This way, no one will be left out as you toast to Christmas with this wholesome, non-alcoholic sparkle that also happens to be delicious. Whether it’s a refresher for warm lunch gatherings or something that you can take to your picnics, a bottle of May Sparkling is all it takes to bring joy to the occasion.

As a versatile drink, you can also incorporate May Sparkling Grape Juice into handcrafted mocktails! Everyone loves its flexible taste that’s guaranteed to keep the good times rolling. So who says you need booze to provide the satisfying feeling of fizz and effervescence? With its spice-tinged flavor that’s made with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, your non-alcoholic drink is guaranteed a hit.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that is fantastic but practical, May 100% Sparkling Grape Juice is a great choice! As a wholesome thirst-quencher, adding this to your Christmas gift baskets will surely make your family and friends truly grateful.

Dessert: Kumori's Hanjuku Cheese

For dessert, Japanese bakery Kumori recently launched its newest variant of cheesecake, Hanjuku Cheese.

Hanjuku Cheese.
Hanjuku Cheese

It feels great to remember past Christmases and look forward to celebrating another year. So whether its a simple or a festive meals, what is important is the whole family coming together on Christmas day. 


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