ORLY Color Pass Nail Lacquer Collection Review

New year, new nail! I received a pretty pink Orly Color Pass box last Christmas from our friends from Sprint Asia Beauty, authorized distributor for ORLY Nail Lacquers in the Philippines.

ORLY Color Pass Box Nail Lacquer Collection Review
ORLY Color Pass Box Nail Lacquer Collection from Pure Beauty

I did not immediately opened the box because I was leaving for Batangas to visit the parentals.

ORLY Color Pass Collection available at all Pure Beauty Store
ORLY Color Pass Collection available at all Pure Beauty Store

Inside the box are the newest lacquer shades from ORLY, the Color Pass collection. The package includes:

1 - ORLY Nail Lacquer Pink Chocolate .6oz 20416
1 - ORLY Nail Lacquer Haute Red .6oz 20001
1 - ORLY Nail Lacquer Blue Collar 20661
1 - ORLY Nail Lacquer Prelude to a Kiss 20754
1 - ORLY Nail Lacquer Cotton Candy
1 - ORLY Nail Lacquer Gumdrop .6oz 20733
2 ORLY Nail Lacquer Remover
1 ORLY Top2 Bottom Base coat + Top coat

ORLY Color Pass Collection
ORLY Color Pass Collection

My home service beautician came last week and so I asked her to apply the ORLY Pink Chocolate. I could compare the shade to dark old rose. I like the bold and sophisticated shade.

ORLY Pink Chocolate Shade
ORLY Pink Chocolate

The following week, I changed my nail polish and use the ORLY Cotton Candy. The glossy pink shade is what we often seen during young ladies' JS Prom. I think it would be a nice nail polish when going out on your first date - sweet and charming.



You have probably guess what's the next shade I will wear for Chinese New Year. Yes, the red one, ORLY Haute Red (20001).

ORLY Color Pass Haute Red
Just wanted to show you two more shades, sorry it's a bit messy :)

Thank you Orly Philippines, Sprint Asia and Pure Beauty for always making my nails pretty and well-groomed. ORLY Color Pass set is now available at Shop Pure Beauty website at a discounted price of Php1,999, original price is Php3,699.25.

ORLY Lacquer Remover
The ORLY Lacquer Remover deserves a mention, it really works well even on hard to remove nail polish.

ORLY Rich Renewal Hydrating Creme
Finally, don't forget to treat our hands, nails and feet with ORLY Rich Renewal Hydrating Creme.

What do you think of the ORLY Color Pass collection? What's your favorite shade so far? Leave a comment and get a chance to win in our "commenter of the month". Do subscribe to our mailing list.


  1. Wow i liked the orly cotton candy..glossy pink is so cute..Makabili nga😁

  2. Hi ate! Honestly hindi kopapo nasubukan yang Orly nail polish, but the the Orly Pink Chocolate shade truly attracts me, I love its color napakasimple lang nya :)

  3. wow!kahit hindi ko pa natatry bet ko yung Lacquer Cotton Candy ang ganda.. :) <3

  4. Not into nail art pero nung nakita ung yung post . Wow gusto ko din maiba naman since new year na din naman

  5. Orly cotton candy is my fave very veey lighr lang sya hihi 😍


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