Day 2: Dacara's Farm and Garden in Pili, Camarines Sur

Sometime last year, I visited the province of Pili, Camarines Sur and met a cheerful and energetic young woman who owns and manages a farm and a wildlife sanctuary, the Dacara's Farm and Garden.

Day 2: Dacara's Farm and Garden in Pili, Camarines Sur

Dacara Farm and Garden is a popular wildlife sanctuary in Bicol region. It's a sustainable, eco-friendly destination in Bicol. We asked the owner of her complete address, we laughed when she said  "just tell them Dacara Farm and they will bring you here."

Angelita Luna Dacara is an example of a passionate animal caretaker. She personally feeds, groom, bathe and even exercise them.

Just like many farms, Dacara is surrounded with variety of fruit bearing and ornamental plants, and is home to free range chickens and different types of birds such as Philippine eagle and parrots.

Ostrich feeding is one of many fun activities you'll enjoy. Don't be afraid to feed the ostrich. Initially, I was afraid to come closer since the ostriches are taller than me. I never thought it would be fun just like feeding other animals. After that experience, I look forward to meeting the ostriches in Australia.

Dacara's farm and garden

This bridge is a perfect spot for couplefie, selfie or groufie.

Ditas Dacara and the #OABloggers
Angelita Dacara and the #OABloggers
Angelita Dacara is very friendly and accommodating. There's no dull moment with her so I suggest spending a night at Dacara's. She has lots of stories to tell. You will learn about organic farming.

Dacara offers a homey accommodations where you can enjoy the cool breeze of bamboo amidst the bustle of urban living. It has toilet and bath, and a dining area as well.

Bicolano Dishes Served at Dacara Fam

Our lunch at the farm comprises of the famous laing, the original Bicol express and chicken tinola. For the first time, I had Pancit Bato, a popular noodle dish in Bicol. It looks like pancit canton but I find it a bit saltier and more flavorful than the latter. Pancit bato is usually served with sauce or sauteed. A refreshing cucumber juice was perfect after the farm tour.

chili! We were told they are really spicy

Count the number of ducks
Have you seen an egg as big as this one?

giant ostrich egg
giant ostrich egg
Some entertainment from a talkative parrot.

Philippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle

Organic Farms are becoming one of the top travel destinations in the country. Dubbed as wellness destinations for people well and sick. I personally discovered the benefits of organic food when  I joined OA Bloggers five years ago. My eating habit significantly changed since then. We are now at least 40-50% into naturally grown and organic food. If only there are organic chicken and pork available in the city, but the supply are still limited.

Featured Video: Ostrich feeding at Dacara Farm

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Fax no. (63-2) 9209792

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Other organic farms in Bicol, Sonrisa Organic Farm

I always look forward to visiting eco-friendly tourist destinations in the Philippines and write about farm stories on my blog. What a wonderful experience to visit Camarines Sur and met the warm and friendly queen of Dacara Farm and Garden. Until next farm tour.


  1. Wow! Another nice place to go in CamSur.

  2. wow! Ang ganda po. 😍 yung room simple at nakakarelax maaliwalas 😘

  3. Wow pls can you give the stemate price of 2 female and a male ostrich


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