HELO LX Wellness Band Monitors your Vital Signs, Mood, and Energy Level

Modern technology  has made significant contribution in today's healthcare. Many diseases (whether pathological or lifestyle) are detected at an early stage with modern and sate-of-the-art facilities. The use of information technology has made patient care more safe and deliver services faster and efficient.

Have you heard about the latest in wearable technology? A wellness band called HELO was introduced in our country sometime last year. HELO is an amazing product brought to us by the World Global Network, a leader in wearable technologies which offers innovative products such as HELO LX and HELO LX+ Wellness Bands. Their main office is located in Miami, United States with 15 offices throughout the world including the Philippines. 

Coming from the healthcare industry, I understand the concerns of patients who need constant and regular monitoring of vital signs. With wearable wellness bands such as HELO LX, there's no need to call a nurse to check your blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

HELO Wellness Band has partnered with mobile app (available on both Android and Apple devices). The mobile app provides real-time bio-parameters with results that can be shared to your loved ones and attending physician.

Built with a panic button, you can send signal of emergencies to your loved ones.

HELO Box Set is available at Php19,500

HELO LX Package comes with:
  • Helo LX
  • 5 bands in different colors to suit your style and fashion - Candy Pink, Ultra Violet, Purple Red, Royal Blue, Light Blue. 
  • Comes with 3 Germanium stones
  • USB charger. Charging is easy, it comes with a charging dock so you don't have to connect the USB to the Wellness Band every time you need to charge.

HELO LX Package
HELO LX Package

HELO LX: Your Personal Wellness Device

HELO Digital Vital Signs Monitor
Digital Vital Signs Monitor
Helo LX Wellness Band Features
HELO LX sensor which touches your skin and monitors vital signs

HELO hypo-allergenic silicon band
HELO LX is made hypo-allergenic silicon band contains Himalayan salt and Titanium Plates
HELO LX is also a nice piece of accessory. It comes in five different shades to match your mood and outfit.

Candy Pink, Ultra Violet, Purple Red, Royal Blue, Light Blue. 

Features of HELO LX Wellness Band

1. Provides real-time measurements
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Breaths
  • Sleep Quality
  • Mood and Fatigue
  • Steps/Distance
  • Calories
  • Panic Button (SOS)

2. Helo LX's Panic button helps to give signal about health to loved ones.
3. Germanium
4. Hypo-allergenic silicon band contains Himalayan salt and Titanium Plates

The charging dock for HELO LX
The charging dock for HELO LX

Benefits of Germanium to the Body

Germanium (Ge32, number 32 in the periodic table) is a natural antioxidant. It helps improved blood circulation and oxygenation. Germanium is a mineral found in the soil, in foods and many healing herbs such as Aloe Vera, garlic and ginseng.

Germanium has negative-charge ions which will help in blood purification and balancing the positive and negative ions within the body. Some studies say that Germanium helps in muscle relieving effects and reducing fatigue and tiredness. With more negative ions in the body, the body's metabolism process also increases in its efficiency.

HELO Mobile App
Here's a result taken last Sunday. Result says I have low energy and tired.
To use the HELO mobile app, make sure you wear HELO LX and open the app. The phone needs to connect to the wellness band via the Bluetooth. You also need to turn on the GPS.

HELO LX retails at Php19,500 available only through World Global. You may contact Ms. Ms Jacqueline Joy Chua at 0917-792-8858 or email her at healthwarrior.worldgn.com


One of the features I love is that it reads my mood and energy level. Last Sunday, it says that I was tired and had too low energy so I made sure to get enough rest. The next day, it says my vitals are within the normal range. Mood and energy levels were calm and normal.

I've been using my HELO LX Wellness Band for a couple of days now but I'm already impressed with the features. The good about it is that it makes me more conscious and aware of my health.


  1. Wow!! Ang galing po nito.. Laking tulong po para sa mga high blood or even hindi para kahit wala ng nurse pwede mo na malaman ang blood pressure mo.Galing!!! Kaso medyo pricey siya madam..

  2. Nice! Pwede to sa parents ko mejo pricey lang pro its a big help sa mga matatanda...pag iipunan ko to bibili ko mom and dad ko😊 Thanks for the review Ms. Marj!


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