Steam and Go: Philips Garment Steamer

I know people who hate ironing clothes. They are not alone, I also find it very tiring. How often do you do the ironing, is it on a daily basis or by big batches. Are you the type of person who prefers to quickly press clothes before using it? Let me share the benefits of Garment Steamer.

I learned from my grandparents that you must not wash your hands or take a shower after ironing or you'll get muscle spasm or "pasma". That's one reason why I hate ironing clothes, we usually hire someone to do the job by batch. However, there are times that it's hard to look for home ironing services. I thought of getting a steam iron to make the work easy and faster.

I often see merchandiser doing a demo and explaining the benefits of steam iron. It was only recently that I was able to try it on my own during the Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer launch.

Advantages of Philips Garment Steamer

  1. With a steam iron you can do the job faster and much easier. 
  2. Your garments will easily get the crisp and crease free. 
  3. Philips Garment Steamer has large detachable water tank for easy refill anytime and for a long steaming sessions.
  4. The Philips Garment Steamer comes with a special garment hanger lets you easily hang your garments like shirts, dresses and trousers while using the steamer.
  5. Safety is important. Included in the package is a glove that protects your hand during steaming.
  6. It has steam levels for different types of fabrics.
  7. The new Philips Easy Touch Plus Garment Steamer has 25% larger plate which allows you to steam bigger area.

The Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer (GC514) retails around P7,000+ while the Philips Easy Touch Plus is available for Php12,495.

Aside from the above benefits, I find it stylish and not too bulky. So even if you live in an apartment, a condo, or big house you will surely have a space for Philips Garment Steamer. Unlike conventional flat iron where you have to put up the ironing board, the Philips Easy Garment Steamer allows you to do vertical ironing/steam. Look, it's even stylish and comes in different shades such as purple.

I'm so happy to have my own Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer. Thank you, Philips!

So, if you don’t want to put much effort and time in ironing, get a Philips Garment Steamer.

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  1. oh! atleast pwede mo ng dalhin kahit san tas madali lang siyang gamitin.. :)

  2. NakakEnjoy mag plantsa kapag ganyan. Nakakatuwa naman ito! ☺ i really need this since super busy ako as a mom at may makukukit na kids around.

  3. truth napapasma ako kaka plantsa�� lalo.may mga kids tapos need basa na kagad kamay sa sobrang busy. I like this one mapapabilis at easy ang ironing ☺

  4. This is what i need kasi madalas pasma inaabot ko at busy sa kids tapos may estudyante pa☺

  5. Supermoms like me need this very badly.Addition to my powers 😁

  6. There are times that ironing clothes takes so much time especially if the clothes was wrinkled and kept for a long time. This is a great aid


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