Winter Escapade in the Philippines

The best time to travel to the Philippines is during the dry season, between March to May, and the cooler months from December to February. Most tourists loves to go the Philippine beaches and do island hopping. The Winter Escapade, now on its 5th year has brought in over a thousand tourists.

Winter Escapade in the Philippines

The recently held Philippine Winter Escapade spearheaded by the Department of Tourism has brought hundreds of tourists from different parts of the world mostly from the US and Canada for a 10-day tour with stops in the cities of Bacolod and Davao.

The Winter Escapade in the Philippines

Philippine Ambassador to Canada Petronila Garcia said this year a total of 250 tourists, including Canadians, have joined the 10-day tour with stops in the cities of Bacolod and Davao.

The Winter Escapade, now on its 5th year has brought in over a thousand tourists, resulting in increased tourism revenues and investments, Garcia said.
“In terms of presenting a good image of the country, this (Winter Escapade) is very important,” Garcia told The STAR during the welcome lunch for participants held at the Ayuntamiento de Manila in Intramuros on Saturday.
“Sometimes we get bad reputation,” she said, referring to travel advisories issued by some countries against the Philippines due to peace and order.
Garcia said that the person who brought Canada’s Tim Hortons in the Philippines was a participant of the Winter Escapade last year. The Winter Escapade brings tourists to different places every year.

Every year, more Filipino-Canadians would like to join the tour to escape the cold February winter of Canada but they have to limit the number of participants due to lack of hotel rooms in some areas in the country. Carmen Barcena, head of the Ceremonial and Protocol Services at the Federal Government of Canada, is joining the tour with her 16-year-old son, Napoleon.

“I think it’s an interesting way to be introduced to the diversity of the Philippines, the culture, the people, the food… This way you’ll have full access to places you never knew existed,” she said.

Forty-year-old Jeremie dela Paz, who was born and raised in Montreal, said the Winter Escapade is a good opportunity to allow foreigners “to enjoy the opulence of the country.”

“Often people are focused on the poverty of the Philippines. But the Philippines is multifaceted. We’re not just a poor country. We have a lot to offer, we have a lot of ingenuity here, we have a lot of beauty, world-class amenities and activities,” he said.

Dela Paz said aside from his family, he also brought his Canadian partner, who is from Quebec, to personally experience the rich Filipino culture. “Even if we’re not born in the Philippines, no matter what we do we’re always Filipino,” he said.

Indeed, It's More Fun in the Philippines. There's so much to see, do, and eat. Where are you heading this dry season? 


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