Glade Automatic Spray: Decorative & Fragrance

Linen and room scents, scented candles, and aromatherapy oils are perfect gift ideas. At home, I use an oil diffuser, aerators, and burners. Although sometimes I simply like to light up a scented candle.

Glade Automatic Spray: Decorative & Fragrance

When I do my morning exercise like yoga, first I turn on my favorite Spotify playlist then choose a scent that's light and relaxing such as lavender or peppermint. Other days, I prefer fragrances that awakens me such as the scent of lemongrass.

Today, you can choose from hundreds of fragrances, sprays, and aroma therapy oils in the market. You can even customize by creating your own scent. One brand that's been in the market and I bet most of us are familiar is Glade. Glade air freshener is a brand I know since I was a little. Recently, Glade introduced its latest innovation called Glade Automatic Spray.

Glade's Automatic Spray

Is there anyway to get your air freshener last for months? Definitely with Glade's latest package that comes with a stylish Glade Automatic Spray Unit, 1 Refill Canister of 269ml plus 2 AA batteries.

Glade's Automatic Spray has a boost button that allows you to spray anytime you want. It works three ways - fragrance, eliminates odors, and decorative. The Automatic Spray unit is stylish, you can place it in your work station or anywhere you want. It's available in two colors - grey and cream.

Another thing I like about the new Glade Automatic Fragrance device is the timer setting. You can choose from three settings and select how often you'd like your fragrance. With this device, your Glade air fresher can even last up to sixty days. This Glade Automatic Spray can be hanged into the wall too.

Remember your mom’s favourite Glade spray? I like the floral scent of lavender. Glade introduced two new scent - Peony and Berry Bliss.

I'm excited to use my own Glade Automatic Spray with Ocean Escape spray. Grab yours now at all leading supermarket.

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  1. Yan gamit ko sa room namin😍Super like ko yan Ms. Marj no need for manual spray na automatic na😍

    1. Nice to hear that! I like the design you would think regular vase lang. :)

  2. Love the Gray one.. Will check that out soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow ang ganda nito, super bet na bet.

  4. This is perpect gift po talaga..nakakatuwa dami po kasi super useful sya sa bahay..automatic spray and mapapanatili nyang fresh all day ang ating tahanan..i love this madam..thanks for the review po..

  5. yes. nakakarelax yung amoy tas pang tanggal ng amoy kulob or pag nagluluto


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