Reasons Why I Like The Figaro Mobile App

I can't imagine life today without at least one gadget. Smartphone provides speedy communication, reaching out to my love ones anytime, anywhere I want. Smartphone is a necessity, making life much more easier with just a few tap and slide.

Reasons Why I Like The Figaro Mobile App

I'm amazed how smartphone brands come up with face detection and finger print recognition to unlock your phone. Hundreds of mobile apps are now available.

Reasons Why I Like The Figaro Mobile App

It's not a surprise anymore if we see brands and restaurants introducing their mobile apps as well. Figaro, a Filipino coffee brand offers a more convenient way of placing your order in advance as well as cashless payment through its Figaro Mobile App.

Figaro's Executive Lunch Set is one of my favorites, second to pasta dishes such as Pasta Ala Carlo. I tried the Figaro Mobile App several times this month alone, the first one was in Figaro Trinoma when I placed an order in advance of Arroz Cubana and Figaro brewed coffee.

Reasons Why I Love Figaro Mobile App.

It's easy to use, the app works fast.

I can always order any Figaro coffee even without cash or credit card using the Figaro Mobile App on any of my phones. The app makes transaction especially paying the bill easier and faster.

With every Php100 purchase entitles the customer to a 1 point rebate. These points can be use to buy Figaro products.

The points can be shared to others. That means you can send points to your loved ones and use it to buy Figaro coffee or any food he/she wants.

Another thing I like about the Figaro mobile app is the Store Locator. You can check the nearest Figaro store complete with address and contact number. 

The Figaro mobile app highlights specialty beverages and food. Recently, it features the rich and yummy Figaro hot chocolate. I like it especially in the late afternoon or in the evening after work, hot chocolate is very rich and comforting.

Figaro Club Focaccia Sandwich

Get the latest promos and exclusive discounts via the Figaro Mobile App. The mobile app is now available for free on Google Play for Android phones and on App Store. 


  1. Wow amazing! Yummy ng foods ma'am. ☺ nagutom tuloy ako.

  2. Super ganda talaga tong app ng figaro..super convenient sya like what you said Madam, easy to locate the nearest branch of figaro..and maraming pang choices sa coffee and food nila..the best talaga..nice app..

    1. I like the location detector, ang bilis mahanap ng nearest Figaro branch.

      Hey, congrats pla Leslie for winning on #SeatsForTwo Figaro credits giveaway. :)

  3. yes! lahay nalang "instant". Maganda siya apra sa mga busy or on the go kasi hassle free.

  4. parang gusto ko na mag free space ng bongga sa phone ko para ma dl ko to����

    1. I think di naman sobrang mabigat ng app even my phone is puno na ng photos and other apps and still working naman and fast with Figaro Mobile App.

  5. This app is very helpful love it i must try it


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