Fashion & Comfort: Avon Lingerie For Women

We all have our own "comfort zones". A space that is so familiar, we feel confident and secure. However, stepping out of our comfort zone gives opportunities for new experiences.

Fashion & Comfort: Avon Intimate Apparel Collection
Wilma, Jennylyn, Hidilyn, and Tricia
Do you feel confined to what others want you to be or think about you? Do you always think about others that you forget about yourself? Then maybe it's time to step out and focus on the things that matters most - you!

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Once in our life we met an Avon lady? I used to be an Avon lady back in high school and college. I was selling Avon makeup and intimate apparel to my neighbor and friends back then. My earnings from Avon was a big help in supporting my school needs. It was also great to meet fellow Avon ladies every time I would go to the store in Guadalupe.

Avon Philippines
Avon Philippines’ Executive Director for Commercial Marketing Agnieszka
The Fashion Show

Fashion & Comfort: Avon Intimate Apparel Collection

Plus sizes lingerie

From all the Avon ladies I met, one person truly inspired me. She was my best friend in collage. Back then, she was living in a house together with other students. She's a working student that time and also a part time Avon lady. Sometimes she goes to school very tired and sleepy coming for work and yet she continues to pursue her nursing education. I would smile every time she would handover an Avon brochure to some of our classmates.

We both finished college and passed the board exam but since then we haven't seen each other for a very long time.

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Avon continues to support causes and empowers women. Recently, Avon launched its newest collection of intimate apparel in a beautiful fashion show lead by Avon ambassadors Jennylyn Mercado, Wilma Doesnt, Tricia Centenera, and Hidilyn Diaz. We know that all of them have inspiring stories to share. I'm moved to tears while watching them walking on a runway.

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Avon's creates intimate apparel for women who seeks comfort and fashion. With the latest lingerie, Avon encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and discover their inner strength and beauty.

Everyone was touched and amazed with the beautiful women's intimate apparel fashion show. Just when I thought the program has ended, suddenly some male models came out in Avon underwear. Well, who says intimate apparel are only for women? Thank you, Avon I found a nice briefs for my husband.


  1. i wonder if where is she na po? ang sipag din nya. Both of you😘

  2. Yes sometimes i think bout others muna bago myself lalo na pag family.


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