My Winter Skin Care Routine While in Australia

Packing light for Australia was challenging especially if you only have limited baggage allowance. My travel essential includes makeup (lipstick, foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil), toiletries in travel sizes, extra intimate apparel, and some light snack (yeah I always have baon). When we traveled around Australia, I make sure to bring only a few and did my shopping there. Traveling for winter holiday break is even more challenging.

My Winter Skin Care Routine While in Australia
My Winter Skin Care Routine While in Australia

I almost suffered from skin breakout with the sudden change in weather. It was very hot when we left Manila at 32 degrees. I experienced my first autumn in Sydney, it was beautiful! A week later, weather in Australia started to change, winter is coming.

5 Skin Care Tips When Traveling to Australia

  1. Hydrate! Drink more fluids.
  2. Apply Moisturizer or essential oils on your skin and lips more often.
  3. Avoid taking long hot showers.
  4. Avoid skin care products which contain alcohol that could cause extreme skin dryness.
  5. Eat right!

Skin Care and Makeup Products Backpacking in Australia

My skin would probably suffered from dryness due to the cold, winter season in Australia. Good thing I brought with me skin care and makeup products perfect during winter in Australia. Allow me to share it one by one.

When traveling, make sure you're photo ready. The Makeup For Ever Ultra HD foundation is one of the best foundations I ever had. I always have this travel size foundation every time I would go on a trip not only that it's very handy, Makeup Forever Ultra HD provides full coverage the whole day.

Maybelline Fashion Brow trio kit has been my favorite eyebrow kit since last year. This pocket-size eyebrow kit comes with a brush so you don't need to bring extra.

K Palette Eyebrow tattoo pencil for contouring my eyebrows before applying the Maybelline Fashion Brow.

This Flormar eyeliner defines your eye, it also stays longer so I don't have to reapply. Don't forget the lashes, I use the Celeteque 24-hour volumizing mascara.

My kikay-kit won't be complete without a pair of contact lenses. I wore Flex Wear Illusions by Executive Optical. But since I'll be traveling for 14 days, I must have a pair of shades

I bought one of the products from Althea's Bare Essentials skin care set when we toured the Land Down Under. Althea is an online shopping site offering a wide range of Korean products. Althea offers FREE shipping in the Philippines when you more than Php1,000.

From the Bare Essential Set, my favorite is the the Fixer Cream infused with antioxidants from wild green tea extracts. My skin moisturized and glowing. I apply the Bare Essential Fixer Cream on my face twice a day, morning and night. It helped my skin maintain its moisture despite the cold weather in Sydney. The Bare Essential Moisturizer also works as a cream before putting on makeup. Here's a photo below.

Jeunesse Pantyliner and Sanitary Pads

I think intimate care should be added in the list. Our body's sensitive parts needs proper care as well. If you often take hot showers, your skin is prone to dryness even "down there". 

I've been using Jeunesse for quite sometime now. Jeunesse pantyliner is thin, quick absorbing but best of all it has anion strip which prevents from infection like UTI. Read my full review of Jeunesse here.

In Australia, I bought Lanolin cream for my dry hands and elbows. The Lanolin Beauty Cream smells great and makes my skin smooth and silky.

Most photos were taken with Vivo X21 smartphoneOverall, I think I had the right skin care products when we toured around Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne. I suggest bringing travel size toiletries and save some space for a pair of UGG boots in Australia. Any skin care tips you would like to add for a long trip or traveling during winter? Up next, my shopping haul in Australia.


  1. Thanks for the tips miss marj, super helpful nito lalo na sa mga mga travel and medyo sensitive ang skin dahil sa weather.

    1. We miss traveling! Hopefully soon. Stay safe Rojean!

  2. Ang light ng makeup travel.kit mo Ms Marj pero complete na. 😍

    1. Yes Love, just the basic and then pwede na mag shopping doon di ba? Haha!

  3. Yay if ako siguro may sudden change ng weather baka nagkasakit ako tapos sa place pa na ganyan. Good thing bilis nyu naka cope up.☺ really enjoyed those pics of your travel esp my kids pinaka highlight na na share ko wd them is sa zoo☺


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