Tech This Week: Vivo X21 In-Display Finger Scan Technology

One of the features I love about the X21 is the In-Display Finger Scan Technology.
If you follow me on IG, you've probably seen postcard from Australia taken with Vivo X21

Tech This Week: Vivo X21 In-Display Finger Scan Technology

This innovation replaced the rear fingerprint sensor not only to achieve a sleek and unified design but also to offer an immersive smartphone experience. So how does this the fingerprint scanner work?

 Vivo X21’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology 

When my finger touches the screen for unlocking, the Vivo X21’s Super AMOLED display emits light to illuminate the finger. The optical fingerprint sensor below the OLED display captures the light reflected by the fingerprint. Based on the reflected light from the unique ridges on the fingerprint, the sensor processes the optical signals to deliver crisp and sharp fingerprint images for matching.

Moreover, when fingerprint recognition is needed, such as when the screen is off and for unlocking apps, a fingerprint recognition icon will appear on the screen for users to press for immediate authentication. Otherwise, the fingerprint icon is invisible to ensure a seamless mobile experience. The current unlocking speed is only 0.6 second.

Perfecting the In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology was no easy feat as it was a huge challenge to integrate the sensor to the Vivo X21’s internal design and screen. Vivo had to redesign the internal structure of the phone to make this vision come to life. 

At MWC Shanghai 2017, Vivo unveiled the industry’s first Vivo Under-Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution. Then at CES 2018, the global smartphone brand displayed a ready-to-produce smartphone with the world’s first In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology. 

The Vivo X21 with the pioneering In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology is available for Php29,999 at these participating stores.

Sharing more photos taken with the Vivo X21 on my Instagram account, hope you'll follow me.

Vivo Hoop Championship

It's been a while since I watched basketball. It's one of the most exciting Filipino sports. A few months ago, Vivo launched the Vivo Hoop Championship Plus wherein Vivo gives hoop fans chance to play ball at Hoop Battle Championship Philippines.

Filipino basketball fans nationwide now have another tournament to keep monitor. The Vivo Hoop Battle Championship Philippines has officially started its knockout rounds. 

On July 1, the 3x3 basketball tourney had its first game in Glorietta where 12 teams played against each other. These were Team Ballers, Metro Star Realty, Pio Makati, Arellano University 1, Mamba Army MNL, Team Downtown, New Born: St. Claire College, Bigshot Burger, Glorietta, Zion, Turbo, and Team 3WC. Team Ballers and Metro Star Realty eventually came out as victors.

The second game was held on July 8 in TriNoma. The teams that played were F4, Alphas, D’Engineers, California Supreme, Fuego Heneral, Bulacan Hoopers, Spartans, Radiant Hoops, Ballerz, Team Mommy Kate, BS Susim Shipping, and Team 3WA. But the rest were outplayed by F4 and the BS Susim Shipping teams.

In these rounds, Vivo gave the passionate spectators to have a chance of what it feels like to be playing the 3x3 Hoop Battle court to the delight of the basketball fans. 

The young global smartphone brand picked three players from the audience to show off their layup, free throw, and 3-point shooting skills. The fastest player to perfectly complete these shots received premium prize from Vivo. 

Another 12 teams will then face off on July 15 in South Park for the third leg of the tournament. The last elimination rounds will be on July 22 in Fairview Terraces. All the top two teams per elimination round will advance to the finals to be held on July 29 in Market! Market!

The best two teams will be sent to Guangzhou, China in August 2018 and play against other groups in Asia to claim the Hoop Battle Champion title. Aside from a trip to China for a chance to play at an international basketball game.  

The Hoop Battle Championship is an annual 3x3 basketball tournament held in some districts in China and other Asian countries. Catch all the 3x3 action LIVE on Vivo’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts on July 15, 22, and 29.

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  1. Wow ang gana ganda naman ng shot using the cam of vivo x21 parang real na real talaga.

  2. no doubt talaga kay X21 with your captured photos sa ig po😍 naexcite ako sa basketball amd sa market market this 29😍


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