Organic Skin Care Line You Should Try

There is no secret to good looking skin just proper skin care accompanied with balanced dietWhen I say proper, it includes the right product for your type of skin applied regularly, morning and night to enjoy its benefits. Thousands of skin care products are out in the market. I've tried a lot, but hoping to find organic skin care products that are within the budget.

You know that I am supporting and consuming organic products. I'm happy to discover those I can use for my skin. Finally, I found a brand that speaks my language. bSoul by LineaOrganica is a skin care line made with organic and naturally grown ingredients was recently launched in the Philippines.

bSoul by LineaOrganica

bSoul is just one of the many products under the company or brand LineaOrganica Corporation, a distributor and retail company that focuses in distributing organic and natural beauty products from different parts of the world.

bSoul founder Martina Bindi flew to the Philippines to introduce the brand and talk about share her  skin care regimen. Martina is an expert in the beauty and skin care focusing on advanced facial and body techniques applied to aesthetics. She's been in the industry for more than 30 years.

bSoul Hydra-comfort Face Cream

Each of us were given a bSoul starter kit with bSoul Hydra-comfort face cream moisturizer and Hydra-milk cleanser. I've been using bSoul for face for almost two weeks now and I'm happy with product. 

bSoul facial cleanser is available in a 100ml pump bottle which I think is very hygienic, there's no need to scoop the cream from the jar. You also get the right or minimal amount with just a few pumps. The packaging is light and handy, you can even bring it when traveling. 

bSoul Hydra-milk Facial Cleanser

I love bSoul facial cleaner which has a delicately, mild scent. With just a little amount, bSoul facial cleaner washes away dirt and excess oil without drying the skin. Look at my inner arm cleansed with bSoul hydra-milk cleanser, my skin is more radiant.

Organic Skin Care Line You Should Try

The Hydra-Comfort Face Cream Moisturizer is available in a 50ml glass jar. Apply a pea size of hyda-comfort moisturizer onto the face. It also works as a makeup base making my skin radiant and glowing even with foundation. bSoul Hyda-Comfort Face Cream has a lovely scent as well.

LineaOrganica products are now available at 2nd level S Maison, Pasay City. You may contact them through their Fan Page


I'm so glad I discovered bSould by LineaOrganica. I've been a consumer of organic food especially on fruits and vegetables, it's high time to shift from commercially made makeup and skin care brands to organic ones. Have you tried bSould? Share your thoughts on the comment section.


  1. Di pa ko naka try Ms Marj but tama ka po, time to shift to organic made na makeups same as maa bet natin organic foods :)


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