How to Achieve Glass Skin

My girlfriends are talking about how to achieve glass skin? It's how we describe a skin that looks so healthy, translucent, and blemish free. Proper skin care is the first step in order to achieve a glass skin. Proper choice of skin care products that suits your skin is important.

Cetaphil Cleanser Review

I noticed my skin starts to achieve the glass skin look although I make sure it's not mistaken as oily. But as I look closer especially on my cheeks, I can see that mine is glowing.

Cetaphil 7 Days

Cetaphil, one of the leading skin care brand held a 7-day talk with different topics including skin care 101, No to oily skin, and how to achieve glass skin with celebrity mom, Sarah Lahbati.

Cetaphil 7 Days

My husband and I went to listen to Skin 101 session, a very basic topic but I've learned new trends and insights from Dr. Mara, bloggers Shari Macaraig and Vern Enciso.

My Cetaphil Skin Talk

I agree with Dra. Mara, there's no need for long like 8 steps to achieve a healthy looking skin. Make skin care simple with three steps - cleanse, moisturise, and protect. Cleanse using mild and unscented cleanser such as Cetaphil. 

Dra. Mara talks about Cetaphil Skin 101

Dra. Mara talks about Cetaphil Skin 101

The Cetaphil Skin Cleanser soothes and cleanses. It is the best-seller Cetaphil product. For body, the Cetaphil Pro Gentle Body Wash is clinically proven to provide moisture. We also use the Cetaphil Deep Cleansing Bar which removes dirt, oil and other impurities without drying the skin.

Don't miss the Cetaphil Promo, get a free sling bag when you buy Php1,000 worth of Cetaphil products. Get a free pouch when you buy 1 Cetaphil PRO wash and 1 PRO Moisturizer, get a free swaddle when you buy P700 worth of Cetaphil Baby Products. Save more with 2+1 Cetaphil Skin Cleanser. Find out more Cetaphil Fan Page.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

Glass skin is the trend now, what's more important is how you feel about your skin. And just in case you're suffering from acne and other skin problems, believe that there's an answer to all our skin woes. I recommend Cetaphil because we are also using this product.


  1. Super love ko yan cetaphil not only for me also for my baby. And most of dematologist sya ang nirerecomend❤️

  2. Honestly i envy those wd visible white , flawless glowing skin kasi mqhirap ma achieve yan sa may dark skin like me. Pero i learned from you na this is important- three steps - cleanse, moisturise, and protect. I seldom pamper and put on anything on my skin esp on my face but na realize ko i have to take care of my skin na�� I use this too for my babies pero diko naisip itry for adults.

  3. The first time i tried cetaphil ang ganda na agad ng result nya on my face. Super smooth and soft. Then hindi lang sakin pati sa baby ko na may skin allergy dyan sya talaga humiyang. Medyo pricey pero worth it naman ang cetaphil.

  4. I'm a proud user of Cetaphil Moisturizer not just for myself, but for my kids also. Super effective niya pampawala ng dryness. Kahet yung mother-in-law ko na my skin problem dahil sa diabetes niya at nagdadry talaga siya lalo na kapag di nalalapatan ng moisturizer daig pa ung bitak na lupa sa pagka-dry. Malaking tulong sa kanya ung cetaphil at palagi niyang binabaon sa school.


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