How to Pawn Jewelry: Things You Need to Know

When people think about pawn shops, one thing usually comes to mind: it's a desperate move in times of need. There's nothing really wrong with pawning, as long as the valuables are yours. We pawn jewelries for fast cash, hospitalization, and school needs.

Pawn Jewelry in Cebuana Lhuillier

Before I go into details of it, let us first define what is pawning? According to Google, pawning is an act of depositing something that you own as a security for money lent.

For the first time, I stepped inside a pawnshop needing extra cash for college expenses. I have no idea how to pawn jewelry. The pawnshop appraised my 14K Saudi gold ring with three stones for only P500. I left the pawnshop with a heavy heart asking myself "was it a fair price?" The experience was very sad. I never went back and eventually lost the ring.

How to Pawn Jewelry: Things You Need to Know When Pawning

A friend invited me in a short but worthwhile discussion about gold testing and jewelry appraisal. Pawnshops use appraising tools and instruments such as loupe lens, black stones, weighing scale with calibrator, and even cigarette ash to check the fineness, quality and percentage of gold.

Pawn shops uses black stone to test gold's purity (10K, 14K, 16K, 18K, 21K, or 24 Carat gold). For example, a 24 karat gold remains almost the same or turns avocado color when tested in a black stone dropped with solution. The gold remains intact even its weigh after the test. I've personally tried it. Yes, there's a little scratch but saying that it lessens the amount of gold in your jewelry is just a myth.

Most jewelries have markings, the loupe lens allows the pawnbroker to inspect the details and characteristics of the jewelry including its markings. I saw even the tiniest letters engraved in a jewelry. So the next time you visit the pawnshop you know that these are standard procedures. You can even ask them to weight it before and after the gold appraisal.

Reasons You Should Appraise Your Gold Jewelry

Most of us got our precious jewelries and heirlooms from our parents and ancestors. Knowing the value of your jewelry is significant just like having an idea of the cost of your house and lot.

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I learned my lessons after going to a non-reputable pawn shop. Since then I would only go to Cebuana Lhuillier where I felt welcome and my valuables, secured. Cebuana Lhuillier have a long and reputable history of helping people and businesses during financial difficulties.

The entire "sangla" transaction is fast and easy, it will only take less than ten minutes to pawn a jewelry. Cebuana pawn shops secure jewelries in a pouch sealed and signed by you.  Best of all, Cebuana Lhuillier offers highest appraisal rate compared to other pawnshops. Cebuana Lhuillier also accepts smartphones and other valuable items. You can even pay the renewal in any Cebuana Lhuillier nationwide. However, you can only get items deposited on the same branch where you pawned it.

Different Colors of Gold

Deep rich yellow gold are usually 22-24 K, these are usually Saudi gold. You've probably seen one in your relatives or neighbor, we even joke that "naninilaw or may hepatitis sila haha". 14K gold are light yellowish, while 9K gold brownish. White gold are either 18 or 14 carat. The most common gold colors are yellow, white, and rose.

One gram of gold today costs Php2,000 or US$38. It's better to know the worth of your valuables now. Remember, the price of gold goes up and up over time so the value of a gold bracelet you received on your 16th birthday may cost four or eight times now. Share your thoughts or questions about pawning jewelry on the comment below.


  1. So here's my story..Si hubby noong bf/gf pa kami mas nagbibigay ng gift na magagamit ko daw, di nawawala o nauubos at may purpose. He used to "bribe" haha me FOOD talaga pasalubong niya pag nagkikita kami sa school. He's not into spending flowers, pero love letters or funny cards na may noted niya. So on our anniv he handed me a necklace 14k but i rarely wear it takot ma snatch lalo na ung daanan ko from school may area na maraming loko. Fast forward, we are a couple and blessed with a kid, my eldest son na super likot. On his 2yrs of age, an accident came. He fell down sa stairs siguro mga 4 steps and it went really bad. I hurriedly run towards him and saw nakalaylay na ang elbow nya. As starting palang kami, we had no enough money. We even opted to hilot and we regret so we went to a clinic daming xray ginawa then ni refer kami to RMC, sin-smento muna ang elbow temporarily until we get a sched of his operation and the cost? Almost 30k for his fractured bones. We dont have that amount but we'll do anything for him. Luckily, his boss, called informing we should make a visit to Phil Orthopedic the soonest as they already notify someone there. Btw, my husband that time works as a govt employee. We arrived there and mrami tao, so bawat galaw need money. I remember my necklace and brought it. Mahirap kumilos pag walang pera byahe palang from Taguig to Banawe Qc and need lagi magtaxi. No hesitations, we went to a nearby sanlaan, not to mention basta may ginto sa name nya nakikita din everywhere. Ang liit lng daw sabi ng asawa ko so hanap kami. We saw Cebuana and we believe na matutulungan kqmi kasi trusted na ito, i cant go on details kasi lutang ako that time. Hubby just went to the counter, handed my necklace they checked may timbang timbang pa sila nun and i remember php8k din and necklace ko malaking bagay na para makakilos kilos unlike doon sa other pawnshop plus di pa mabigat ang bayad di ka kabahan na baka di mo matubos malayo oa maturity date. Npa wow ako. BLESSING sya. Pirma na and we're off to go. Matagal kami nagstay and kami lang talaga ang dami procedures before operation kahit sabihin na public may gagastusin ka padin plus food pa namin everyday..Sa katapat na fastfood kami kumakain kasi salitan kami sa pagbantay kaya magastos talaga. So after that unos na successful ang operation need pa namin pabalik balik kasi may followup checkup pa sa healing etc. Buti nlng sinagot ng govt (where hubby works) ang mga bakal na ginamit that time so mga gamot lang sa amin, travel amd food expenses. Natubos ko siya haha and masasabi ko SALAMAT CEBUANA✋
    Kaya malaking tulong ang Cebuana sa amin Ms Marj kahit naman now. I also make sanla my ring ( nkt a wedding ring ) nung need namin umuwi ng probinsya nung inatake si Papa. Dyan din kami ngpapadla kay Mama sa probnsya tapos we earned points din

  2. Very inspiring story, Love! I guess we all have our stories to tell let maganda nyan we can share para other people will be inspire.

    Naisip ko din it's best to invest on jewelries and best to get them in pawnshops like Cebuana cause Alam natin na authentic and di fake jewelries they sell. Me too, nagpapadala ako ng money through cebuana. :)

    1. totoo yan Ms Marj, maganda sa Cebuana din kuha alahas kasi mura na at sure kang di fake.
      At ang alahas magandang investment din. Mas bilib ako sa mga oras ng emergency kasi nasubukan na namin sya.

  3. Here is my story. Si papa was once an OFW. Maganda ang gold sa saudi kaya everytime uuwi siya may pasalubong siya sa amin nila mama mga alahas complete talaga at dalawa pa lang kami nung kapatid ko. But there were times na kapag hindi nakakapagpadala on time si papa at short na si mama sa budget ang naging life saver namin was magsangla ng alahas. Ang namgyayari hindi natutubos agad ni mama tinutubuan lang muna niya until hindi na natubos at naging cause ng pag-aaway nila. Then in my own experience naman naging OFW din ako sa Japan naman nakapag-invest ng ilang alahas and ganun din ang nangyari sa hirap ng buhay eldest ako at breadwinner naisangla ko rin mga alahas ko at hindi na rin natubos so ngayon ang gold na alahas ko ay earrings gift ng kapatid ko na nasa Kuwait at ang pinakanatatanging gold ko na hindi maisasangla ay ang anak ko. Pinakaprecious gold in my life. Pasensiya na Miss Marjorie corny hihi.

  4. Nakapagtry din po ako magsangla sa isang pawnshop (di ko na po sasabihin ung name. hehe)
    chineck din nila ung necklace ko at singsing then after matest at timbang nagkakahalaga lang dw ng 400! :( Tinanong ko baket 400 lang, di nila pinansin ung tanong ko kase may biglang tumawag sa line. Hindi na ako nagtanong ulit umalis na ako. hahhaha That time badly needed ko talaga kase emergency tapos genern lang? kakaloka.

    Buti na lang may cebuana, super bilis lang ng process.:) From pawning hanggang sa naging regular remittance ko na siya. Sa cebuana na ako naghuhulog ng padala, sa kanila na din ako nagkiclaim ng padala ng mga costumers ko. :)

    1. There are several Cebuana pawn shops Nationwide it's so easy to pera padala anytime, abywhere.


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