"Ganito Ako Noon, Iba Na Ako Ngayon!" - My Perla Story

My parents taught us how to be responsible at an early age. Because they both work to provide for our needs, we learned to do household chores early on including hand-washing our school uniforms and cooking simple meals, do the laundry at age eight.

My Experience of Using Perla Laundry Bar

Ganito Ako Noon...

Back in the 80s, there's no enough water supply in our barangay. People would look for places where they could fetch water for household needs.

I remember paying Php 1 for a pail of water until we found a deep well in a nearby street. It is where streetkids enjoyed bathing and playing bangkang papel. Even I and my siblings enjoyed this free flowing water from the deep well.

Mothers gathered in this place as well to do their laundry every weekend. "Kanya-kanyang bit-bit ng batya (basin)", palo-palo, laundry board, and of course, the laundry soap.

In the aspect of washing clothes, everybody knows that rust from deep wells can cause stains in clothes.

I realized as a child how hard it is to do the laundry, but mom never complainded.

She uses Perla laundry soap for clothes. She taught me how to bleach clothes using Perla White and leave it under the heat of the sun. Other women would use vinegar or detergent soap but mama uses Perla white.

Moreover, she soaked dirty clothes overnight with grated perla. "Ang bango-bango ng uniform namin!"

Eventually, I took up nursing in college, graduated, and passed the nurse licensure exam. And even until then, I always use Perla for my white uniform.

Iba na Ako Ngayon

Today, life is much easier.

There's water supply 24/7 at home. I wash heavy, dirty fabrics such as towels, bed sheets, curtains in an automatic washing machine. But there's one thing that never changed - it is the gentle and ever-reliable Perla laundry soap.

What I like most about Perla is its eco-friendly natural ingredient coconut oil. These natural ingredients are safe for the environment and on our hands which handles the laundry.

How Can Perla be Gentle to Clothes and to Our Skin

Compared to other laundry soaps, Perla is made with 50% coconut oil while other brand counterparts use petroleum-based components. These are harmful to our body.

Because it's made with coconut oil, Perla is hypoallergenic. The coconut oil in Perla makes the fabric strong and looking new.

It is also worthy to note that 'coconut oil' contains lauric acid which is an excellent cleaning agent. It attracts dirt and easily removed stains from clothes.

Perla White Laundry Soap

Trust Over the Years

Did you know that Perla has no harmful ingredients that could damage the fabric of our clothes?

It has glycerin - a natural moisturizer that makes our skin smooth and retain moisture even if we wash clothes often. In fact, we still have our old fabrics kept over the years which were washed with Perla.

"Ganito Ako Noon, Iba Na Ako Ngayon!" - My Perla Story

Now that I'm married, my personal experience of using Perla has helped me in taking care of my husband's clothes.

When it comes to his favorite branded clothes, he does not want it washed in the washing machine. He even prefers a bar soap over liquid or powdered detergents.

When I told him I'll use Perla for his delicate clothes, I was surprised that he knows the brand too, his 'ahma ('lola' in Chinese) uses the same brand of laundry soap back when she was still alive.

It is indeed a whirlwind of time! And a lot has changed in our lives - mine surely did!

But some things remain because they are reliable and is trusted - just like Perla!

I can truly say that Perla is best for delicate fabrics such as wool and satin. For towels, bed sheets, and pillow cases, I gently scrub with Perla and add shredded Perla white on the fabric and run them in the washing machine.

As a result, my clothes smells really good and fresh! As for colored clothes, I use Perla blue.

Suggested retail price for Perla White Original 110g is Php13.25 and Perla Papaya 110g at Php13.25. From then until now, Perla remains the cheapest yet effective, mild laundry soap. 

Perla for Sensitive Fabrics

Totoong marami ng taon ang nakalipas at marami na ang nagbago, iba na ako ngayon! Pero ang Perla ay nananatiling mapapagkatiwalaan at maaasahan! 

How about you? Do you use Perla as a laundry soap as well, or even more? What is your Perla story? Share it with us in the comment section and let's learn from your "Ganito ako noon, iba na ako ngayon," story!


  1. Thanks for the amazing story of your childhood Ms Marj. We too dont have water supply at home, managed fetching water in a deep well. Our ancestors owned one. My lola and lola has large storage of water filled with tubig ulan too..Still we are feeling blessed there is water supply na in every household. True stains can sometimes appeared on our clothes. Naninilaw and may mga kalawang. I remember Mama used to wash newborn clothes of my baby brother with Perla. Lola was a Perla user too🤗. Our clothes were still in good condition unlike these days coz Perla has mild ingredients. Up to now, i dont use washing machine lalo sa panlakad namin..I prefer handwashing clothes and my eldest and husband's uniform are alagang Perla padin. Same din sa mga newborn clothes ng 3 bagets ko.

    1. Wow! Nice to hear that you're really a long time user of #Perla, talagang #PerlaForMyClothes!

      My clothes looks bago pag nalalabhan with Perla. I can still remember pinaka mura sya even today, right. Laking savings din.


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