Juan Earth Heroes Collaborate to Preserve Mother Earth

What a wonderful feeling working with people who shares the same passion in preserving and protecting mother earth. Last weekend, we celebrated Juan Earth with lots of fun-filled activities, talks, and a mini concert.

Woman in Digital Supports Juan Earth

Juan Earth is a grassroots effort produced by Write On Track and its dedicated team of community volunteers. They educate and empower people to create a healthier, and more sustainable world. Juan Earth encourages us to contribute in saving the earth. They have activities on recycling, planting trees, and protecting animals.

Woman in Digital Supports Juan Earth
Juan Earth 2018 Participants and Winners of Juan Earth Selfeet Photo Contest
The winners of Juan Earth "selfeet" photo contest were also announced. I also got to interviewed one of the finalists, watch the video at the end of the post.

Meet the Juan Earth Heroes

The weather was hot last Saturday but we did not mind it. I am also happy to see a lot of young people participating the activities. They are all Juan Earth Heroes. 

I met the awesome people from Haribon Foundation and had the chance to talk to their team, Albert and Joseph. Their encourage us to adopt-a-seedling for only Php300. Watch the video below and learn more about Haribon Foundation.

Conserve Ph Sharks
Meet my Sharkada!
One of our favorites is the #ConservePhSharks booth. We played with their hair dress and danced to the tune of "baby shark!". I also wrote a blog post listing why we should preserve thresher sharks.

Adopt Don't Shop

Not only sharks need our protection, even the pawikan and giant clams. Thanks to SIF-Care for adopting pawikans as well as the Univ. of the Philippins Marine Science Institute for continuously.

We saw a number of cats and dogs as well. They were waiting for new family to adopt them. I was inspired with their motto "adopt don't shop".

Capping the whole day Juan Earth event was a performance by band, Silent Sanctuary where millennial enjoyed watching. Kudos to all Juan Earth Heroes, NGOs and to all who came to join us despite the heat. Congratulations to Juan Earth and Write on Track on their 5th year anniversary.


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