FWD Set For Tomorrow: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

We want the best and comfortable life for our families. Working hard and saving for their future needs. Have you ever asked yourself if you're ready just in case something unforeseen happen? Who wants to leave their families with bills and ballooning debts? 


I graduated nursing, so my knowledge is mostly on healthcare and the related field. It was only after getting married that I learned how to manage financial resources and grow business. But in a game called Praxis Financial Market, it gave more insights about job stability, salary, savings, properties, insurance, financial planning in a fun and easy way.

FWD Set for Tomorrow Life Plan

FWD Life Philippines also introduced a series of new protection plans that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs. Dubbed Set for Tomorrow, the insurance product has three variants that address the different needs to take care of those left behind should the unexpected happen - Short Term Cover, Income Protector, and Estate Protector. The "Set for Tomorrow" insurance caters to Filipinos from 18 to 70 years of age, from young urban professionals to retirees.


Top 3 Reasons that lead to Financial Problems for those left behind include:

✅ People have loans and accountability that are transferred to their family if they are no
longer around.
✅ Raising a family requires time and money. Also, if the breadwinner falls away, the family will
still need money to continue living a life with dignity.
✅ People who build up wealth worry about what they leave behind and especially how to best
avoid a family crisis in settling estate taxes and dividing assets. As part of any estate planning
solution, long-term insurance coverage is essential to evenly share the assets and ensure
those left behind feel equally treated.

FWD’s Set for Tomorrow has three variants that meet the needs of the modern Filipino. Short Term
Cover is an affordable term life plan that provides guaranteed life insurance coverage for five or 10
yearsIncome Protector ensures that your family can continue their life even if you are no longer around. Lastly, Estate Protector is a whole-life plan that provides guaranteed life insurance coverage until 120 years of age. In today’s uncertain world, FWD’s latest insurance product is there to protect the ones you love.


FWD’s Set for Tomorrow is a term life insurance that provides solutions for your ever-changing financial protection needs with three easy-to-maintain and even easier on the budget life insurance plans.

✅Guaranteed 100% Coverage. Life insurance protection against unforeseen life risks.

✅Terminal Illness Benefits provides 100% benefit amount in advance when you are diagnosed with terminal illness.

✅Protection whenever you are. A 20% additional coverage amount will be provided if the unforeseen happens to you while overseas.

✅Funeral Benefit. 10% of the life insurance coverage or up to P100,000 will be given in cash in advance within the next 48 hours.

Other benefits includes the Spouse Extension Benefit and Waiver of Premium Benefit.

FWD wants to guide people in fitting the right variant, protection amount, coverage period, and
payment terms to the customer’s preferences and abilities. To find out the Set for Tomorrow plan that’s perfect for your budget and insurance needs, simply visit FWD Set for Tomorrow.

FWD’s Set for Tomorrow plans are now available through FWD Life’s Financial Wealth Planners.
Interested customers may call the 24/7 FWD Customer Connect Hotline at (02) 888-8388 or chat
with a Customer Connect Executive via FWD’s 24/7 Live Chat (www.fwd.com.ph) to set an
appointment. The plans will also soon be available at all branches of Security Bank, FWD’s
bank assurance partner.

Once again, I was reminded of the importance of securing the future of our loved ones? How about you, have you considered getting a life insurance?


  1. Wow nursing graduate po pala kayo Ms.Marj. ang dami na din po talagang lumalabas ngayun na life insurance. gusto ko din po itry ang mga ganyan kaso baka malaki ang contribution kada buwan. Iba parin po kasi kapag meron kang life insurance.

  2. Nasa isip ko na din po yan madam, to get life insurance.. Sana one of this days magawa ko po siya.. To help secure my familys future..


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