Best Food Supplement to Boost Your Immune System

As the year comes to an end, it's time to evaluate if our health goal has been achieved so we can modify, improve the plan for the coming year. 

Eating a balanced and healthy diet maybe crucial but it's the first step towards achieving a healthy life. We don't want to see signs of weak immune system before starting a health plan for 2019. It's better to do it right now, slowly changing an unhealthy lifestyle. Eliminating all the toxins inside and outside our body.

New Boracay
New Boracay!

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Some of my favorites are ginger, garlic, spinach, carrots, yogurt, and almonds. Not all of us can eat garlic, right? I personally don't like fresh tomatoes but I love it when used in cooking. On the other hand, I can eat freshly sliced onions for salad. So I suggest you consume variety of food to get the nutrition our body needs.

It is also best to know foods rich in antioxidant. I choose food supplement with powerful antioxidant called anthocyanin which is found in acai berries. Organique Acai Premium Blend has been my favorite food supplement since 2015. I drink one shot glass every morning right after taking a glass of warm water, before breakfast. Despite the busy schedule as a blogger, helping my husband in our small business and running the household, I noticed that I seldom get sick and my body can easily recover from the usual cough, colds, and fatigue.

Organique Acai, the best food supplement helps boost my immune system due to its potent antioxidant that prevents or delay damage to the cell. It has anthocyanin that gives deep purple color to acai berries. The Acai Berry has the world's most potent and powerful antioxidant. We can only find acai berries in Central and South America though so I'm glad that there's Organique Acai.

Aside from the Premium Blend, there's Organique Freeze-Dried Capsule which is available and great for travelers, for people who are always on-the-go. Packed with the same ingredients to provide the same benefits like Organique Acai Premium Blend.

The Freeze-Dried technology ensures the capsule retains all the nutrients and benefits of the ACAI berry fruit. Organique is also USDA-Organic certified so you know that it passed the strict standards of the US Department of Agriculture standards and is certified to be organic!

I take one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast, but you may take a second capsule in the evening for maximum benefit.

Organique Acai Freeze-Dried Capsule is available in 650mg per capsule, 10 capsules per pack for only Php247.50. You can get Organique Acai capsule in all Watsons, Mercury Drug stores, and 7-Eleven convenient stores.

There are hundreds of food supplement to help boost your immune system, you just have to know if they are authentic and really good for the health. If you're sick or under medication, I suggest consult your doctor first before taking any food supplement.

It's been three years with Organique Acai Berry food supplement. I'm glad it was introduced to me earlier. It also helped me recover faster after a major abdominal operation, read story here. Thanks to Organique Acai!


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