Secrets to a Successful Beginning

We can never go back but we can make a brand new start. Now that the new year has started, it's time to create more positive results in our life replacing "if only" with "this time".

Taiwan Historical Tour
Taipei, Taiwan

1. Go to God

Sometime in 2001 I was invited to join a prayer meeting, that time I was reviewing for the nursing board exam. I went because it was my professor who invited me. Little did I know that it will be the start of an intimate relationship with God. Back then, I always want things my way. There were instances/situations that lead me to God, but guilt redirects me to another path. Yet God is so good and merciful. He is a loving Father and He wants to save me from all of my sin. The turning point came sometime in 2011 when I had to make a big decision in my life. It wasn't easy but I focused on Him and allowed God to work in my life. Since then He became my source of strength, peace, and love.

GCCP Church-wide Retreat 2018
Grace Christian Church Retreat 2018
In 2012, I professed my Christian faith. A new life with God is not easy but it's meaningful. For me Christ is the only way for a successful beginning and end. Accept Him as your Lord and Savior, He is just waiting for you to call Him. How about you? How's your spiritual life going on?

2. Love Yourself

Loving oneself is not just treating yourself to a spa, salon, or going out for me time.

Ladies, it's time to be more conscious of the food we consume everyday. I am not saying to deprive yourself of a slice of cake or some scoops of ice cream for dinner but eat in moderation. A lot of people keep asking me how I maintained my slim body at my age. The secret to staying slim and fit is to have little of everything served in the table. Slowly chew as you enjoy the food you eat.

I eat small, frequent meal. I have to eat every two to three hours to prevent hyperacidity. I cook our meals at home, there's always fruits and vegetables and less pork. We love sweets too but my husband and I would share a slice of cake. Not only it limits our sugar intake, I also find it sweet sharing food with him.

3. Let's Get Physical

Last Christmas, hubby and I attended the annual GCCP Candle lighting ceremony time though we joined the 9pm service. After the service, we could get a cab or tricycle to bring us home so we walked from Grace Village to our home in Del Monte. Guess what? My leg cramped with body aches the next day. It happened due to lack of exercise in the past two months.

We need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit to become successful. I'm back on the mat, it's time to burn all the calories and sugar we consumed during the holidays.

4. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people.

Do you know people who are outrageously negative or are you one of them? This year, why not practice having the right, positive attitude in every situations. Remember what our Miss Universe Catriona Gray said "to see situations with a silver lining". I always tell myself to "make the best out of life" when faced with difficulties.

Someone close to me got sick. She's one of the bubbly, down to earth persons I know but problems changed her outlook in life. What I did was shower all the encouragement and hope I could give. I reminded her of all the blessings amidst the trials. Thankfully she has surpassed her condition and is now back to her regular routine.

This year, I also decided to avoid fair-weather friends. People who wants to be your friend for personal reasons. It's better to have few friends who you can rely on and will not leave you in times of difficulties. True friends are hard to find.

Finally, be an encouragement to others.

5. Finacial Stability in 2019

I aim for financial stability in 2019 and part of that is consider becoming a life insurance agent in the Philippines. In fact, I've already started with St. Peter Life Plan so if anyone is interested, just send me an email or a private message.

In one of our #RelTalk episodes on Seats For Two, we discussed about money matters. Sharing with you some budgeting tips and suggestions. You may watch it here, please do subscribe.

As we all know healthcare in the Philippines is quite expensive and not everybody can afford it. The good news is that healthcare in the country has gone dramatic change over the years, it is free under the PhilHealth, you just have to apply for it.

6. Celebrate Life

Most of our travel adventures in Taiwan were booked in Klook. It's affordable and reliable travel website that offers tour packages.

Failure is part of life. If we do not fail, we will never learn. Celebrate life even small wins. I pray that you will have wisdom and courage to face all the challenges this coming year. May you discover your own secrets to a successful beginning.


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