Why You Should Consider Getting An Insurance Plan from Country Bankers?

The past five years of my life has taught me a deeper meaning on life, health, future and even death. In 2015, I had a terrible and unbearable stomach pain that brought me to a major surgery I never thought would happen.

Country Bankers Insurance Plan

I had exploratory laparotomy or abdominal surgery due to ruptured appendix with  complications namely peritonitis (inflammation of abdominal wall) and inflamed intestines. After six hours in the operating and recovery room, I was transferred to my private room with several contraptions. Have you seen a patient with nasogastric tube? I swear that tube was so painful I could not swallow. I was also fed through the tube, it was scary. It was one of the darkest days of my life - painful and uncomfortable. Not realizing that my family was also dealing with other things apart from taking care of me, financial needs that is. I don't have medical insurance that time.

It was an eye opening for me and for my family as well. While recuperating, we discussed about financial situations and how to deal with the loss. An insurance such as Country Banker's Alalay sa Buhay (ASB) would be great help, a year insurance coverage for only P365. An insurance plan that covers daily confinement paid for a period of required confinement in any hospital in the Philippines, due to sickness or accident.

Why You Should Consider Getting An Insurance Plan from Country Bankers?

Since then, I learned to slow down, take my time and live a healthy lifestyle. I was able to surpassed that struggle in my life and so grateful for the help and support of my family, especially my husband.

Why You Should Consider Getting Insurance Plan from Country Bankers?

I started this year with the aim for financial stability and part of that is getting/updating life and non-life insurance plans. I even consider becoming an insurance agent in the Philippines.

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation offers a wide array of services that caters to the need of every Filipino. Established in 1965, Jose E. Desiderio, Sr. felt the need to provide insurance for small and medium business owners such as farmers, fishermen and public school teachers in rural areas. Even people with little income, sari-sari store owners and work-at-home-moms can also inquire from the list of Country Bankers services.

On its 55 years of serving Filipinos, the Desiderio family lead by Senior Vice President and General Manager, Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia continues to uphold this legacy of providing abot-kayang insurance plans for our kababayans. Here are some of the services that you may avail at Country Bankers. Allow me to share four of Country Bankers services that you might be interested.

Country Bankers Classic Benefit Plan and Alalay Sa Buhay

The Classic Benefit Plan offers insurance protection up to age 96 and is payable in a three, five, or ten-year period. Classic Benefit offers the following:

  • Short paying period of 10 years, for a straight insurance protection up to age 96.
  • 100% Death benefit anytime – beneficiary will receive 100% of the insured amount in the event of untimely death of the insured.
  • Lifetime insurance coverage or  maturity at age 96.
  • Mode of payment: annual, semi-annual, quarterly or even monthly for group accounts.

Alalay Sa Buhay (ASB) provides renewable one-year insurance to individuals 13-70 years old for only P365, with natural and accidental death benefits. In addition, ASB is also available for families and seniors, with ASB family being renewable up to age 70 for principal insured and covers up to 3 to 5 family members for only P750 for one unit. ASB for Senior covers ages 71-80 and includes insurance for one year for only P1,000 for one unit.

Kalinga 4Ps Program

They recently launched 4Ps insurance. The CB Kalinga 4P's program provides a wide range of benefits for annual amount of P150 (death, accidental, daily confinement, and fire or lightning assistance.

Kalinga 4Ps Program

CBIG continues to develop a wide array of insurance plans that are not only practical and relevant, but also provide the necessary support for plan holders in times of need.

Country Banker's Fire Insurance

Imagine how painful losing a property due to Fire accident. How much more painful losing someone you love due to fire. Have you considered getting a fire insurance?

In December of 1998, we were surprised with a phone call that my father was trapped inside a burning establishment. He died due to suffocation and 3rd degree burn. He was pronounced dead on arrival. I was eighteen years old, with our youngest at twelve when he left us. Because he's not insured, we were left unprepared. I had to stop my college education and work to earn.

As CBLIC continues to evolve as a company, it remains true to its core values sincere.
Moreover, Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC), a subsidiary of CBIG, has expanded its fire insurance portfolio to make sure that all homeowners’ requirements are covered.  CBIC's fire insurance provides options that would fit according to one's lifestyle and need. From fire and lightning, as well as natural calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons, and floods. Optional supplementary covers may also be availed from clearing of debris, and firefighting expenses, to household employee belongings.

Life is not ours to keep. We cannot even see the future but with #CountryBankersKapagSiguradoHindiKabado.

For inquiries, you may visit them at the Country Bankers Center, 648 T.M. Kalaw, Maniila with telephone numbers 523-8611 for life insurance or 524-0621 for non-life insurance. You may also check their website at http://www.countrybankers.com/.

After you read this guide, I suggest you contact Country Bankers Insurance Corporation for a more detailed information and to help you decide the best life insurance plan for you

Finally, watch my video blog on my thoughts about Country Bankers Insurance and why you should consider getting one.

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation believes that every Filipino including their families deserves a better future. That is why Country Bankers continues to provide affordable and flexible plans that would cater to our needs and lifestyle even to those with small income.


  1. Its very important getting insurance at Country Bankers Insurance Plan, because they has a wide array of services that we all Filipino needs. Now a days we have to be ready for unfoseen circumstances that will happend to us next. That's why we have to ready for our future, This could be very helpful. What if we die suddenly or get sick and rush to the hospital without proper protection, The results could be devastating for our family members leaving them with a large bill and lot of expenses.
    It's really important to get insured when we're still young and healthy because indeed mura hassle free with only 365 annual fee yearly it's so affordable for us.. So I'll start getting insured!

  2. Ang hirap ng pinagdaanan mo Ms Marj. Takot lang talaga ako to face reality which includes ( wag naman sana ) getting sick. Sorry to hear that tragic lost sa father mo. Ang bata nyo pa noon pala, the pain and that fact na walang insurance is a burden too. I remember when Papa died too, it was unexpected. He died with so many complications. He was hospitalized 2yrs before he died and if only i knew about insurance back then pero i know nothing, besides i was working while studying too that time. What's shocking after he died was Mama asked to check on his SSS status and to our dismay, there was none though he got a work before and was his salary was deducted. The pain we had to endure plus the expenses. Kaya nga now after having my own family, mas matimbang na ung me wanting to be insured and prepared than my fear to face the truth that life is uncertain sometimes. This is a timely post though, we've been talking of getting one but looking for the affordable scheme kaya thankful ako when i read bout this. Btw, can i get one for my Mama? She' s in the province kasi.


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