How Fast Are You Ageing?

A survey revealed that 60% (from 5,000 respondents of the study) are ageing prematurely. Several factors may link to early ageing which includes lifestyle diseases, stress, improper diet and lack of physical activity. Their body age, which measures biological age depending on overall health and fitness, is older than their real age.

Anlene Milk Benefits

In 2017, I took a BMI Analyzer test and the result was amazing. My metabolic age revealed that I was ten years younger than my actual age. 

At the event hosted by Anlene Milk a few days ago, they asked us to check our BMI with the Tanita’s Body Composition Analyzer.  I'm happy that the result remains the same, 11 years younger. I was flattered and grateful. Although the "physique rating" reveals "under exercised" which says I need to do more lifting to gain muscle mass. Can you guess my age?

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Our metabolic rate could be higher or lower than our actual age. Mine is lower which can be explained with faster metabolic rate. It could be due to genetics or hereditary but I believe my lifestyle plays an important role.

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Even if I spent most of my time in front of my computer, I make sure to move around every two hours. We do not have household help so I do the work from cleaning, swiping the floor, laundry, going to the market, cooking and all other things. On Sundays, we walk 15 minutes from church to home. I also do muscle stretching and yoga at least once a week. Increase physical activity improves bone and muscle mass.

Dessert topped with Anlene Chocolate
Dessert topped with Anlene Chocolate

Staying focus on living a healthy lifestyle is the key. Don't mind about numbers, start with eliminating all vices like cigarette smoking, alcohol, and too much on social media. That's true spending more time on your phone can be harmful to your overall health. Incorporate a balance-diet in your meal is also important. As we age, calcium depletes

Factors that causes premature ageing:

  • Lifestyle
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Lack of sleep
  • Wrong choice of drinks, like sweet and artificial beverages.
  • High fat, salt and sugar food

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My diet comprises of vegetables, meat but more fish, and fruits. We love eating green salad. I also drink a glass of milk before bedtime. One glass of milk contains 600mg of calcium which an adult need every day. Anlene milk is specially made for adults, it contains vitamins and minerals including calcium for strong bones and immune system. It has high protein for muscle development and collagen unlike other milk brands. Twice the calcium of regular milk and 100% of an adult’s daily calcium needs

Tanita’s Body Composition Analyzer

As part of the brand’s advocacy to help Filipinos become more aware about their body’s age, Anlene will be supporting the iCare BPO Healthy Lifestyle Caravan. A Department of Health-led campaign aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among BPO workers, they will be visiting offices and partnering with local government units utilizing Tanita’s Body Composition Analyzer. The machine will help determine not just your body’s metabolic age, but also bone density, muscle mass, fat mass, and body water percentage. This also comes with free consultations with health experts, who can give advice and tips on how to put a stop to premature ageing in small ways.

Anlene White Coffee
The Anlene White Coffee has the right balance of milk and coffee.
Not too strong but not too creamy.

Anlene is available in ready-to-drink and powdered milk formats in plain, chocolate and their newest flavor White Coffee, in Lazada, all leading supermarkets, groceries, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide. To learn more about Anlene, visit

Anlene Vanilla, Chocolate, and White Coffee

Take the Body Composition Analyzer and know if you're also suffering form premature ageing. Take small steps to healthy lifestyle not only for yourselves but also for the ones you love.


  1. Anlenena mas pinadoble ang calcium content kaysa sa iba kaya mas maganda, may advocacy sila na magvisit sa BPO sana mavisit din nila sa office ng aswa ko para maging aware sila sa health nila 😍 sama madami sila mavisit na BPO companies


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