Preparing for the Future with Protect Now Insurance

Life is full of uncertainty so we must prepare for whatever situation life might throw us. We cannot avoid bad things to happen but we can prepare by securing our future. Having a life insurance can help us secure our future. Having an insurance also encourages us to live a healthy lifestyle.

Preparing for the Future with Protect Now Insurance
Cebuana Lhuillier's Protect Now Insurance

While there are several companies and various insurances in the market, not everyone are capable to pay the premium. That is why Cebuana Lhuillier come up with a simple, affordable, and easily accessible insurance for every Filipino. Cebuana Lhuillier introduced Protect Now, you can choose from Home insurance, Car insurance, Travel Care and PamilyaCare.

Protect Now Insurance with Cebuana Lhuillier team
Protect Now is so easy, you can even get a quote by visiting their website and provide basic information. Online payments are also available. Here's a step by step on how to apply for Protect Now:

Step 1: Select a Category
Step 2: Enter the details
Step 3: Get quote

During the ProtectNow launch in New World, Makati

We work to meet our daily needs and secure our future including our family. With ProtectNow, we can feel safe and secure whenever we are, whether traveling or working abroad. Learn more about ProtectNow by visiting their page.


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