Tips for a Safe Motorcycle Ride

I enjoyed riding a motorcycle during our trip in Samal island a few months ago. It's the best way to reach more destinations in the island especially places that regular tricycle cannot reach. Have you ever tried riding a motorcycle? I know people who are scared to, but with proper knowledge and skills (a responsibility of both the driver and passenger), we can enjoy the ride and safely arrive in our destination in no time.

Motorcycle Ride in Samal island

Tips for a safe motorcycle ride:

  • Wear proper gear, a helmet with face shield is highly recommended. 
  • Follow traffic rules and maintain on the allowed speed.
  • For drivers, update your driving skills.
  • For passengers, wear comfortable and proper clothing when backriding.

Angkas Taxi Pilot Run
Angkas Taxi Pilot Run
In Manila, Angkas is the primary choice for people who wants to get to their destination faster and cheaper.

In a recent event I attended, Angkas, the motorcycle taxi brand is now undergoing retraining of all its riders and is now ready for the 6-months pilot run starting before the month of June ends. During the conference, Angkas showed us how they are preparing their riders to serve the public. Angkas will be providing their riders not only the training but also with the proper gears.

Angkas Taxi Pilot Run

“The safety of the riding public has always been Angkas’ advocacy. All our biker-partners go through rigorous riding skills assessments, written tests, and extensive safety training to ensure they meet very high safety standards. We fail over 70% of applicants to make sure that only the most capable bikers ferry passengers for Angkas,” Royeca said.

Angkas introduces special reflectorized vests with side straps that help bikers become more visible at night and help passengers in holding on to the biker's waist. Each vest has the biker's unique ID number, ensuring that only officially-registered bikers can accept bookings.

Moreover, Angkas only allows one passenger per booking. The passenger is also provided with clean helmet. They can also ask for a clean or sterile face mask before using the helmet.

Angkas Safety Gear for riders and passenger

Angkas has been an advocate for biker education and training since the service's inception. The company have trained more than 100,000 motorcycle bikers to date but have accredited only 27,000 biker-partners because of their high standards. To find out more, you may also visit their page, just click here.

Keep in mind these road safety reminders whether you're back riding or driving a motorcycle for an enjoyable and safe travel.


  1. salamat po dito momsh sa tips pra sa mga susuotin pra kung if ma accident e d malala ❤️


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