Tech This Week: Megasound Smart PRO Videoke + The New Smart Signature Unveiled

Filipinos are known for their love for music. Family gatherings and barangay fiesta are not complete without a videoke. That is why Digital Focus Inc. launched its latest product called the Mobile Device-Link-Capable Megasound Videoke Machines with Megasound Smart PRO Videoke added to its roster of premium brands for the Philippine market.

Under its line up are mobile device controlled products, specifically three specialty videoke systems with features and capabilities that boasts of Korean engineering technology, all with more than 18,000 built-in English and OPM songs and free 2 years additional song updates. The brand has authorized service centers nationwide for worry free after sales servicing and inquiries.

Megasound Exodus HDD Smart Professional Videoke

A Smart Videoke Player with a mobile karaoke app for effortless song search and remote function capabilities with over 18,000 high quality built-in OPM and English songs and more than 50,000 International songs.

With a built-in 1 terabyte Hard Disk Drive, the exodus contains a library of music videos and movies that the users may enjoy while on a karaoke break. The Exodus features a system that allows users to record songs that can be saved directly on their smartphones or to USB.

It also allows users to connect to WIFI and turn their television into a Smart TV through built-in apps (Youtube, Netflix, Chrome) for unlimited fun and entertainment. This high-end karaoke system comes with an advanced processor that delivers clear and crisp sound for both Midi and MP3 based songs without distortion to deliver higher bit-rates than any other brands.

Megasound Colosseum Wireless Portable Smart Professional Videoke

The Colosseum high-end smart portable videoke uses the same mobile karaoke app for effortless song search and remote function capabilities. It synchronizes the more than 18,000 high quality built-in OPM and English songs via Bluetooth technology. The Colosseum comes equipped with two built-in UHF wireless microphones with full remote functions and two more microphone inputs to allow groups of people to sing together. The Colosseum also allows users to record their favorite songs in their own voice, in high quality 128kbps audio quality via USB.

Megasound Array SD Smart Professional Videoke

The Array is the newest addition to the premium smart videoke machines for more discerning users who want a more professional, modern, and memorable singing experience.  It comes with more than 18,000 high quality built-in OPM and English songs that can be synchronized with the mobile karaoke app via Bluetooth technology for effortless song search and remote function capabilities. The Array also allows users to record their favorite songs in their own voice, in high quality 128kbps audio quality via USB.

Jonathan Fabian, president of Digital Focus Unlimited Inc. said “We are very pleased to welcome the premium Megasound line to the Digital Focus family and are excited for us Filipinos who are known all over the world for our love for singing, to experience this wonderful new line with the most number of built-in songs to enjoy that allows everyone to simply use a downloadable app on their mobile devices to control the videoke machines - from song choice to microphone and sound controls.”

For more information you may check out their page at


Miss Universe Catriona Gray For New Smart Signature

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the launch of the new Smart Signature. Although, I already saw it in the television prior to the event, I am interested to know more about the new campaign.

Miss Universe Catriona Gray For New Smart Signature

The event was graced by, with no less than the queen herself – Catriona Gray who show up in her lovely gown.

Smart Signature Postpaid Plans Unveiled

To better serve customers’ growing appetite for mobile data, Smart officially launched its new data-packed postpaid offers under ‘Smart Signature‘. Its main features include prioritized network experience and four plans with generous open-data allocations, unlimited calls and texts, data rollover and enhanced customer service features that make using the plan worry-free.
“Our award-winning Smart LTE network puts us in the best position to offer Smart Signature, a reimagined postpaid service that meets our customers’ ever-growing demand for mobile data services,” said Oscar A. Reyes, PLDT-Smart Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Business Market Development.

Miss Universe Catriona Gray with Celebrity Raymund Gutierrez

This latest addition in Smart’s roster of digital service offers comes at the heels of record revenue growth posted by PLDT’s resurgent mobile business in the first quarter of the year, which was mainly due to increased video streaming and mobile gaming among its customers.

Aside from Catriona, the group called ‘Smart Signature Elite‘ consisting of celebrities, personalities, influencers, and famous photographers were also were also present.

Woman in Digital had the chance to had photos taken by Ms. Shaira Luna and Dookie Ducay.

Smart x Dookie Ducay
Thanks to Dookie Ducay for lovely photo.

I love this dramatic shot by Shaira Luna
I love this dramatic shot by Shaira Luna

SIM-Only Plans

Smart Signature’s SIM-Only Plans range from P 999 to P 2,999 per month, with data allocations from 10GB to 60GB. All plans include unlimited calls to Smart, Sun and TNT customers, unlimited texts to any network, and free minutes to PLDT landline and other networks ranging from 100 minutes to 600 minutes.

The 4 Plans of Smart Signature come in the following variations:

  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra Large (XL)

Each comes with generous open access data allocation for data-savvy customers, and a Data Rollover feature, wherein unused data for the month is carried over to the next month.

Device Plans

The Smart Signature Device Plans offers flagship handsets including

  • Apple’s iPhone Xs Series
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Series
  • Huawei Mate P30 Series

…bundled with big-sized allocation for data, calls, and texts.

Smart Signature also features real-time billing and usage alerts and notifies users when they are close to reaching their monthly data and call limit. Data or Call Boosters are also available once data and call allocations for the month have been fully consumed.

Smart has also launched the myPLDT Smart App, which provides another way for users to monitor and manage their usage and monthly bill in real time, as well as purchase Data or Call Boosters as needed.

Reliable & Award-Winning Network

PLDT and Smart have been recognized by global internet testing and analysis leader Ookla for being the country’s fastest fixed and mobile networks for 2018, while Smart has also consistently topped mobile analytics company OpenSignal’s Mobile Experience Awards since 2017, in terms of Video Experience, Download Speed and Upload Speed Experience, and Latency Experience.
“As our customers ramp-up their fast-paced lifestyle, we are also offering them a prioritized network experience, which makes sure that they enjoy consistent data to connect to their favorite apps, send messages in real time, and make uninterrupted calls – even during peak hours,” Reyes added.
Canada-based mobile data company Tutela, in a recent study on the State of Mobile Networks in Southeast Asia, also said that Smart users were twice as likely to experience ‘excellent’ data connections, which are needed for heavy data uses like video viewing, whereas Germany-based global benchmark leader P3 also cited Smart for offering the country’s best download speeds.

Add to that a historic investment in PLDT’s extensive fiber network across the country, now at 259,000 kilometers, which also supports Smart’s mobile network by providing high-capacity links to cellular base stations.

How to Avail of the Smart Signature Postpaid Plans

Customers interested in Smart Signature may sign up as new subscribers, or upgrade their current Smart Postpaid Plan for free at select Smart Stores nationwide.

You can also download the myPLDT Smart App from Google Play. Android devices and from The App Store for iOS devices. Know more about Smart Signature Postpaid Plans here.

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