Embracing My Wavy Hair with the Curly Girl Method

It took me a long time to embrace my curly hair. I wonder why I never searched curly hairstyles, or products for curly hair. It was just recently, through a friend that I learned about the Curly Girl Method.

Curly Hair Maintenance
Curly Hair Method
I was born with a natural curly hair. Growing up, I never experienced having a long hair because it would just curl, wavy and tumiktikwas as they call it. My dad would always cut my hair the "siete" hairstyle.

Natural Wavy Hair
Day 03 of the Curly Girl Method
I was eighteen when I had my first hair straightening procedure. I loved how my wavy hair turns straight and soft after the treatment. It would last a couple of months, sometimes even longer if you know how to keep straight hair from frizzing.

Hair straightening became my favorite hair treatment in the salon. I had it twice a year and spends P400-700 per treatment depending on the length of my hair. The hair straightening solution is strong and irritating to the skin and scalp though. Pero sabi nga nila "tiis ganda! no pain, no gain." I love how my hair looks so shiny a week after the hair straightening procedure. I look and feel good.

Curly Girl Method Approved Products
Curly Girl Approved Products - Suave Aloe & Waterlily, Bench Fix Gel,
GRIPS Gel and Keraplus for deep con

Just like many things in life, there's always an end. After a few months, my curly hair starts to grow.

Starting the Curly Girl Method

I was in one of our OA farm trips when a co-OA Blogger asked if I curl my hair. I replied and smiled at her. "I have a natural, wavy hair I got from my father. I don't do anything special, just wash and wear."

She told me about the Curly Girl Method, it is how to take care of your natural curly hair - whether it's wavy, curly or kinky. I decided to try it, did the final wash using a low-poo shampoo, it refers to shampoo with no sulfates or silicones. I used Andalou shampoo. They say you can use Joy Dishwashing soap for final wash. I was afraid to try it, instead a use a low poo shampoo from Healthy Options.

Curly Girl Method is designed for natural curly hair. It's a method that eliminates the use of shampoo and heat styling tools such as a hair blower. The Curly Girl Method is not a new trend in the lifestyle and beauty scene. CG method was introduced by Lorraine Massey, a hairstylist back in 2001. Lorraine Massey is the founder of the Devachan Salons.

Why I Shifted to the Curly Girl Method

You've probably know that I've been into healthy lifestyle. Although not yet 100% into organic food but we minimized consuming all processed food and sugar intake. I've been advocating organic farming with the Agricultural Training Institute since 2011. Just a few months ago, I started urban gardening or backyard farming where I grow our own food. Why did I change lifestyle? I am scared  when I found out that a lot of food in the market are sprayed and soaked with pesticide from the fruits and vegetables to meat products injected with hormones and antibiotics. These pesticide and harmful chemicals causes a lot of diseases and illnesses including colon cancer.

It wasn't an overnight change of lifestyle but a slow, steady move to organic food. A change to healthy lifestyle should be holistic. It's not only about healthy food. How about the cosmetics and home cleaning products we use on a daily basis? That's one of the reasons I stopped going to salon for hair straightening. If I'm not mistaken it was in 2012 when I had my last hair straightening. Although I still avail of other hair treatments few years ago.

How to do the Curly Girl Method
How to do the Curly Girl Method

I started using skin care and beauty products made with natural ingredients, paraben-free, silicone and sulfate-free. No more hair coloring and strong body perfume. They make me sick and I suffer from migraine. It's simple to spot a product if made with natural ingredients by reading the label. The simpler the ingredients, the better. I'm glad that we can check if a product is CG friendly by using the Curlsbot.com. It shows us ingredients that are not suited for curly hair.

How About Products I Used to Love But are not CG-friendly?

I'm sad when I learned that most of my favorite brands/products are not curly girl approved. I don't say that all of them have strong ingredients, they are not just suited for my type of hair. Because they aren't, I have to say goodbye. I gave them to my siblings and relatives. I am hoping they will come up with CG-friendly products in the future and when that time comes, I'll be the first to try and write about them.

Curly Hair Maintenance
My favorite Curly Hair Styles is no style at all. I save a lot of time in fixing my hair.

My journey to the curly girl method has just started. I've been doing the Curly Girl Method for more than a month now. I can say that I am happy with the results. My curls are more defined now, type 3 loose spiraled curls. I'll share the CG method approved products I use on my next post. If you're interested to know more, the steps in Curly Girl Method just leave a comment or email me. I'll be more than willing to share it or perhaps write a blog about it.


  1. A Curly Girl Method is a beauty solution for curly and wavy hair types aimed to make your curls smoother and stronger. Wavy Hair Method


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