I Tried MSE's Sun Soft Cleaning Products

How much does an average Filipino family spend on household cleaning products from laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, dish washing soap to all-purpose cleanser? I think, they fall under the "basic needs" simply because we wear and wash clothes regularly. To save, I go for the big sizes even if there's only the two of us at home. I find it more economical. Buying in local stores also helps me save a lot.

Sun Soft Marikina Shoe Exchange
Sun Soft Laundry and Fabric Conditioner from the Marikina Shoe Exchange

Recently, I was invited to an intimate launch of a local household cleaning products, Sun Soft. The brand is under the wholesaling company, Marikina Shoe Exchange that offers direct-selling opportunities. MSE introduced Sun Soft Paradise Powder Detergent, Sun Soft Heavenly Fabric Conditioner and Sun Soft Zesty Lemon dish washing liquid. I rarely see men endorsing household cleaning products. Interestingly, Benjie Paras and sons Andre and Kobe are the brand ambassadors for Sun Soft.

Last weekend, I tried Sun Soft Paradise Powder Detergent and the Sun Soft Heavenly Fabric Conditioner. I added 1 scoop of the powder detergent to the laundry. I love the fresh scent of both the detergent powder and fabcon to our clothes. The fabric conditioner looks like fresh milk so it's easy to dissolve.

Sun Soft laundry solution are available in 800grams powder detergent and 800ml fabric conditioner. Sun Soft Paradise Powdered Detergent retails at P185 (currently on sale at Buy 1 Take 1). The fabric conditioner is also on sale, buy 1 take 1 at P280.

Sun Soft Laundry Detergent
Sun Soft Laundry Detergent

Tips in Choosing Laundry Soap

I also go for the quality in choosing household cleaning products. There are brands that are really affordable and cheap but you need to use more than desired amount in order to remove stains and make your laundry smells fresh and great. That's not economical. So how do you choose a laundry detergent?

Work within your budget. Sure you can get amazing products and yet very affordable. Check if this brand offers huge packaging, it could save you a lot on family-sized bar soaps. Get the 1 liter dish washing soap instead of the small packaging.

Sun Soft Fabric Conditioner
Sun Soft Fabric Conditioner

Here's a good news, (MSE) Marikina Shoe Exchange has Buy 1 Get 1 on the Sun Soft laundry and Sun Soft dish washing products.
Sun Soft Dish Washing Soap
Sun Soft Dish Washing Soap

Other products under MSE includes Seriously White body soap and Biolink body lotion. Of course, there's a wide range of shoes so make sure to visit their page for the complete list.

with Kobe, Benjie and Andre Paras at the Sun Soft launch
with Kobe, Benjie and Andre Paras at the Sun Soft launch

You can find MSE branches at the following locations:

Cubao, 4th Floor, New Farmers Plaza Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
Cebu at Cabahug St. North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
EDSA CROSSING at 888 Edsa, Brgy Highway Hills Mandaluyong City mobile 0998 590 7518
Tutuban LS 21 & 22, Ground Floor, Prime Block Mall, Tutuban Center, C.M. Recto Avenue, Manila
Sun Soft Marikina Shoe Exchange
Sun Soft Marikina Shoe Exchange

Looking at MSE's website, I find affordable products for personal use. If are into selling, you can even join them and earn. To purchase Marikina Shoe Exchange products, just visit and register to MSE so you could enjoy the benefits and possible earn commission if you become a member. Have you tried Sun Soft? 


  1. wow under pala yan ng MSE 👏 Excited to try that. Mas bigger savings talaga kapag huge packaging and don't fall for affordable ones kasi usually uubusin lang nya ang ang detergent or dishwashing mo kasi you have to put on more and more for it to be effective. Parang Avon din eto na may catalogue diba kaya sana makahanap ako dito 💓


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