Miss Silka Philippines Empowers Women

There's a wise old saying and you've probably heard it a thousand times, "you cannot give what you do not have." In order to teach others about loving oneself and proper self-care, you should love yourself first and be a good model of self-love. Ever wonder how beauty queens maintain their young looking skin and ideal weight? The secret has been revealed and it's all about self-care.

Miss Silka Philippines 2019
Miss Silka Philippines 2019 Jaimee Manio and the other winners

Self-care has a lot of meaning, one is caring for oneself physically. It means eating the right kind of food, regular exercise, having enough sleep etc. Avoiding stress for a sound mind and body is also a way of self-care. All these things is because of love - love for yourself and others.

Silka Promotes Self-Care and Empowers Women

Nowadays, brands not only focus on marketing strategies, they work on providing the needs of their customer. It feels good to know that there are beauty brands that thinks about empowering women through beauty.

Miss Silka Philippines Beauty Pageant is one of the most-awaited beauty pageants in the country. Now on its 12th year, Silka continues to empowered Filipina women by providing an avenue to celebrate diversity; showcasing their unique talents, beauty and wit.

Silka is known for their beauty bar soap and whitening lotion. I've tried it and I love the scent of their products.

Silka Papaya Soap
Silka Papaya Soap
The recent Miss Silka Philippines 2019 pageant was participated by twenty six candidates from different parts of the country. They have won their respective regional titles and were gathered for the title Miss Silka Philippines 2019 Grand Coronation Night held at Market! Market! mall.

Miss Silka Philippines 2019

The grand coronation night begun with the candidates walking the runway in their gorgeous long gown followed by the swimsuit competition. Special awards and corresponding prizes are:

Ms. Juicy Cologne 2019, Kathlyn Camille Lee from Davao received P5,000. Ms. Casual Wear won P5,000. Jewel Alexandria Palacat from Ilocandia won the special awards for Ms. Congeniality while Angela Milvie Bucu of Leyte won the Popular Choice Award. Contestants who did not make it to the finals received Silka products and a consolation prize.

Miss Silka Philippines 2019

Miss Silka Philippines 2019 Winners

Jaimee Manio from Pampanga is the Miss Silka Philippines 2019.

Angelica Corporal of Bulacan won the 1st Runner Up and received P100,000. Angelica also won the Ms. Talent 2019, Ms. Photogenic, and Best in Evening Gown.

Miss Silka 2nd Runner Up 2019 and Best in Casual Wear, Ma. Izabel Lamberth of Baguio won P70,000. 

Miss Silka 3rd Runner Up 2019 Krisha Andrea Pekitpekit of Cebu brought home P50,000. 

Miss Silka Philippines 2019

Jaimee Manio won the Miss Silka Philippines 2019 because of her brilliant answer on the Q&A portion when she was asked about self-care here's what she said.
"When you have self-love, you start to give love and care for other people. I always believe that we cannot give something that we do not have" - Jaimee Manio
with Silka Green brand ambassador, Angelica Panganiban. Photo taken during the launch of Silka Green

Watch the announcement of winners on our Facebook Page or on this video.

Beyond beauty and glamour, the Miss Silka Philippines 2019 pageant aims to serve as an inspiration to all Filipinas to value self-care. Congratulations to all the candidates and the winners of Miss Silka Philippines 2019.


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