My Princess Crown with Cubic Zirconia Ring from Find U Rings

Jewelries can be a wonderful gift. They are meaningful and very sentimental. I love wearing accessories and fancy jewelries. I usually buy whenever I travel as a souvenir item from the place I visited. My favorites are the pearl necklaces from Mindanao. Most of my accessories have pearls in it except for the wedding and engagement rings. Jewelry with precious stones look elegant and can be worn in all occasions. I've been looking for a ring with stones and I'm happy I found an online jewelry shop that offers handmade, high-quality rings from Find U Rings.

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia Stones ring
Find U Rings Online Jewelry Shop

It took me a while to decide from their beautiful jewelry collection. I got this Princess Crown Stackable Ring Set from Find U Rings. It was on sale from P6,375, now at P2,550. Currently, Find U Rings has Buy any ring and get one pair of earrings for free. Find U Rings is an online jewelry store in the Philippines that offers a wide range of fashionable and sexy-designed rings.

Princess Crown Stackable Ring with Cubic Zirconia Stones
Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia Stones ring
Find U Rings has sterling silver rings, swarovski crystal rings, titanium steel rings, engagement rings and couple rings.

Find U Rings Packaging
Find U Rings Jewelry Box
Rings for all occasion
Can be a nice engagement ring too! 

This Princess Crown Stackable Ring Set from Find U Rings is made from 925 Sterling silver with cubic zirconia stones . It's a set of three shiny, white gold-plated rings which form a crown shape when formed together. According to some jewelry articles I read, cubic zirconia is similar to diamond with its crystal clarity but it synthesized and the material is hard and colorless. If you take a closer look between a diamond and cubic zirconia, you'll see that they are almost similar. Cubic zirconia is much more affordable compared to diamond.

Women's Fashionable Rings from Find U Rings
like a princess crown when formed together

I've worn this ring since October almost everyday, so far no stones have fallen. It fits my fingers perfectly and I love that I can adjust it and wear it in my three fingers. It hasn't tarnish or change color not even turned my fingers green so I'm pretty sure it's made with Sterling Silver as indicated on the product description.

I think the ring I bought from Find U Rings is perfect for any type of occasion. They have rings for engagement, marriage, anniversaries, mother's day gifts, or for everyday use. 

Find U Rings: Personalized Rings For U

Find U Rings offers engraving inside of the ring. Interestingly, they can also engrave a fingerprint. They also offer a lifetime warranty for any kind of damage and if you'd like to change its size. Another thing I like about shopping at Find U Rings is the free shipping with no minimum required purchase.

Care for Sterling Silver Jewelries

Just any type of jewelry, Find U Rings in Sterling Silver needs proper care and storage. To clean a silver ring, use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste and rinse with ammonia water of just plain water. Wipe the ring with a soft cloth and place in a jewelry box.

Women's Fashionable Rings from Find U Rings
Women's Fashionable Rings from Find U Rings

How to Claim a Package at Quezon City Post Office:

A few weeks ago, I received a notice from the Post Office that I have a parcel needed to be claimed. It's from Find U Rings I thought. I can't remember the last time I went to the postal office to get a package but I was excited about it. At the QC Central Post Office, they will ask you to present the notice and a valid identification card (passport, SSS, PRC, Driver's license, TIN ID is not accepted though). I paid P112 if I'm not mistaken. The procedure was fast, I'm done in less than fifteen minutes.

How to Claim Parcel at QC Postal Office
How to Claim Parcel at QC Postal Office

Find U Rings
My Princess Crown Stackable Ring from Find U Rings

Jewelries add sparkle to any clothing or outfit. I've given my sister and mom jewelries on mother's day. It's a precious piece especially if given as a gift. Jewelry can be symbolic and meaningful just like in marriage and engagement. Still looking for that perfect ring? Visit Find U Rings and start shopping now.


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