Walking The Great Wall of China

One of the highlights of the previous year was our trip to Beijing. We traveled in December because we wanted to experience winter in China. Living in a tropical country, to experience winter and see snow would be a wonderful experience.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China in Winter

We decided to visit the Great Wall of China tour on our second day in China. Although I was skeptical that it might be too tiring and we still have four more days in China.

We found great deal on Klook for Great Wall Mutianyu section at P1,000+ for 2 pax, since there are ten of us, we bought five sets. The package comes with pickup and drop-off in a set location and a good Chinese lunch. However, cable car ticket is not included. We did not purchased the tickets because the oldies can't decide if they will take the cable car. As you can see on the video, there was a little discussion if they are going to buy the cable car tickets from the tour guide.

We left Xuanwomen station at 7am, the bus fetched other guests along the way. We arrived in Great Wall around 10am. First stop is the Mutianyu section for photo opportunity. There are stalls that sells food and other items like clothes, gloves and masks (during winter), souvenir items. I would love to buy pancakes but we ran out of time. Besides this tour package doesn't include shopping and Flowr, our Klook tour guide kept on reminding us about that.

Cable Car to Great Wall

From the parking, we walked about ten minutes going to the main entrance to cable car. The road going up the Great Wall is quite exhausting but tolerable.

Cable Car in Great Wall
Going up to the Great Wall with ease and comfort
The five minutes cable car ride was fun and exciting. I was being observant to my sister who's first time to ride a cable car. I think she enjoyed the ride.

Walking The Great Wall of China

Hello from the most preserved section of the Great Wall of China, the Mutianyu! I'm not that good in history so I tried to do some readings before our trip. According to Google, The Great Wall of China was build in 7th Century BC to protect the Chinese empires from invaders.

with mom at Great Wall Mutianyu
with mom at Great Wall Mutianyu

Mutianyu Great Wall
Great Wall with family!

Most travel sites recommended ten sections of the Great Wall to visit:

1) The best-restored is the Mutianyu, this is the section we visited.
2) The Jinshanling is the most beautiful, they say. I haven't been there yet.
3) The wildest is Jiankou
4) Simatai, 5) Huanghuacheng, 6) Gubeikou, 7) Juyongguan, 8) Huangyaguan, 9) Shanhai Pass, and 10) Badaling, the most crowded.

You can also visit some of the famous attractions in Beijing including the Great Wall of China even with a short period of stay, layover. It's a whole day activity that you'll surely enjoy.

Lunch at the Great Wall
Lunch after the tour. Included in the package. Serving was good and generous.


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