Grocery Items to Stock Up For Community Quarantine

For the past four weeks of Enhanced Community Quarantine, I only left the house twice to replenish our supplies. I followed ECQ guidelines, wear a mask every time I go out. Observe hand and coughing hygiene. More importantly, we stayed home to avoid catching the corona virus.

Grocery Items during Quarantine
Grocery Items during Quarantine

To avoid the long queues, I woke up early. Market is just fifteen minutes walking distance from home. The first time, I went to the market it took me thirty minutes to get in. The second time, it took me forty five minutes before I get inside the supermarket. I did my grocery shopping for less than an hour because it's not safe to stay longer in public places.

Before I go to the supermarket, I take inventory to check supplies we still have. I bring a list of essential items for quarantine that's good for one to two weeks. Having a grocery list also prevents you from hoarding and buying unnecessary items. We also need to save during quarantine since most of us don't have work and income. Creating a meal plan also helps you in buying quarantine food supply. Here are the items that you should stock during quarantine.

Dry Goods (Food and Non-food)

1. Canned Goods (sardines, corned beef, sausage, pork n beans)
2. Noodles, pasta, flour, and other baking needs
3. Sugar, coffee, tea, and milk
4. Cereals and dried fruits for breakfast
5. Spread (Eden cheese, butter, peanut butter, jam) and bread
6. Cookies for kids

Personal and Household Cleaning Products
7. Clorox (Zonrox or Pinesol to disinfect and kills virus and bacteria)
8. Alcohol
9. Bath soap, shampoo and other toiletries
10. Toilet paper
11. Detergent soap and Fabric conditioner (optional)

Supermarket look during ECQ
Scarcity during ECQ


1. Potatoes and sweet potatoes
2. Carrots
3. Radish
4. Oranges
5. Apple
6. Calamansi, lemon
7. Tomatoes, onion, garlic
8. Banana
9. Eggplant, Ampalaya, French beans, monggo

These vegetables last longer. You can also buy green leafy vegetables and consumed immediately.

Vegetables from Session Groceries
I ordered fresh vegetables from Session Groceries.
A week later, they delivered the goods in my doorstep.

Fresh Fruits to Boost Immune System
Fresh Fruits to Boost Immune System

Fresh and Frozen Products

1. Fresh chicken, pork, beef, and fish
2. Frozen meat like hotdog, frozen seafood, and frozen veggies are also suggested.
3. Eggs

Fresh Eggs
One tray of egg costs P235

Cooking Essentials like cooking oil, seasoning such as soy sauce and vinegar. Make grocery shopping simple and stress-free. This is not the right time to burden yourself from petty things so enjoy preparing healthy meals for the entire family. Remember that nutrition is significant in fighting against Covid19. Finally, bring more patience, be kind to the cashier, bagger, security guard, as well as customers you passed by. 


  1. ganyan din ako mag groceries miss marj nakalista lahat ng dapat kong bilhin para wala ng balikan diyos ko ang hirap ngayon lumabas at mag groceries yung time mo na magpila mas mahaba pa kaysa sa time mo sa loob ng groceries ang hirap kasi tong kalaban natin virus kaya kung pwede lamg talaga wag ng lumabas pero pag di naman lalabas wala naman kakainin.

  2. GCQ na kami dito Ms.Marj .and now unti nalang binibili na vegetables namin kasi meron kami small garden nag tanim kami ng gulay .kaya nakakatipid na din ❤️ ingats po kayo jan


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