Protect Your Health, Protect Your Wealth

When I was in my twenties, I rarely think about health, diseases and getting sick. I work overtime, indulge in too much sweet and oily food and sleep late night to catch up with my favorite series and movies. I was in my thirties when I started working from home, online. Sometimes, I sleep very late working in front of my computer with a cup of coffee. I used to live a sedentary lifestyle until I realized that I am not forever young and healthy.

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A few years back, I had an emergency appendectomy due to rupture appendicitis with peritonitis as a complication. Due to severe abdominal pain, I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors ordered several tests including an abdominal CT scan where they concluded it was a rupture appendicitis. A huge amount of our savings went to hospitalization, something I wasn't prepared for. That time, I still don not have an insurance. It was a huge out-of-the-pocket sudden healthcare expenses.

Since then, I became more careful of my health. Life and Health are now my top priorities. My previous health problem and hospitalization due to appendicitis may not be a long-term illness but it left a huge impact to me. After the hospitalization, immediately I started living a healthy lifestyle. You see I even grow my own food at home. I eat healthy, sleep early and do yoga and other exercises. Best of all, I get a life insurance with hospital benefit. Do you want to know more about that? 

Health Risks

Protect Your Health

For some reasons, we rarely prepare for long-term illnesses. Some may think because they are too young, healthy and fit to think about getting sick. Others believe that their healthy lifestyle alone can prevent them for getting ill. What we do not know is that there are diseases that are hereditary or genetic, meaning you get it from your parents. Some examples are cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and thyroid disease.

Did you know that 1.5M families are pushed to poverty because of healthcare expenditure? Our regular savings is not enough to cover future and long-term illnesses that may require long term treatments and rehabilitation. 41% of our savings may go to hospitalization, 27.5% goes to pharma or medication and 8.5% on preventive care.

Protect Your Wealth

Have you heard about Health Gap? Look at this info-graphic below and see how big is the healthcare  gap in the country.

Protect Your Health with Insurance

You can bridge the gap by getting an insurance coverage to cover healthcare gap. 

Only few Filipinos believe that they can cover the costs of healthcare. Many are concerned and have little information about this. With my profession in nursing, I am here to help and educate you about health. As a Sun Life Financial Advisor, I can also assist you in choosing the right life and health care packages that fits your need. Should you have further questions or if you want to talk about financial planning, you can send me a message on my Facebook Account (here's the link), call or text 0917-814-5009 or email Stay safe and healthy!


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