Tech This Week: Devant 43" LED TV For Small-Space Living, Globe Rewards Good As Cash

We used to live in a small-space condominium in Makati before we moved to our house in Quezon City. That place is accessible to almost everything we need - supermarket, hospital, schools, park and church. There are pros and cons of living in a small-space condo. Choosing the right furniture is a must.

Devant 43" Condo TV Launch
Devant 43" Condo TV Launch

More and more people are shifting to small-space living, with condominiums being a popular choice among those who choose to reside within the city. With this comes a growing need for furniture, appliances, and accessories suited for smaller-sized homes. Seeing this need, Devant has recently showcased three 43” TV models, all perfectly-sized for condos and apartments.

Devant Condo TV Space Saver
Devant Condo TV Space Saver

At the recent launch event for the Devant 43” Condo TV, Devant Product Trainer, Kristian Castro, unveiled the three models, each designed to cater to individual customer needs. First is the Devant 43” Digital LED TV, a perfect choice for those on a budget, and those who enjoy watching local channels. There is also the Devant 43” Smart TV, which is ideal for households that enjoy streaming content from apps like Netflix or YouTube. Another model is the Devant 43” Smart 4K TV, which offers the best picture quality, and is great for anyone who enjoys watching movies or playing console games in incredible detail with 4K resolution.

According to Kristian, “With limited space, a quality watching experience should still be a priority. With Devant we have the right TV for that setup! For maximum space saving design,  Devant comes with a wall bracket in every purchase!” He adds, “Devant provides a perfect viewing angle of 178 degree, horizontally and vertically.”

Devant 43'' LED TV Virtual Launch
Devant 43'' LED TV Virtual Launch

Kristian explained why she recommends a 43-inches TV? It has been found that 43-inches is the best screen size for areas that allow for 4 to 10 feet of distance between the viewer and the screen. This TV size can provide both comfort and an optimal, immersive viewing experience. Architect Saira Margarita Nepomuceno confirmed this during the launch event. She said, “Based on scientific research, the ideal size of TV for condo living is 43-inches.”

On where to place your TV in a condo living space, Architect Saira said, “We computed that the best distance from sofa to TV should be between 4ft to 8.5ft to get that perfect viewing angle. When a person is seated down there is a 30-36 degree optimal viewing angle.” Devant’s 43” TVs truly elevate the small-space dweller’s home viewing experience. As the Senior Marketing Manager of Devant, Lara Lua, said, “Devant is making it possible for us to have the home theater experience despite the limited space.” 

Ideal size of TV for condo
What's the ideal size of a TV for condo-living?

You can watch the event video highlight in this link,

Here’s what you need to know about the new Devant 43” TV models.

Devant 43DT001 43” Digital LED TV

The Devant 43” Digital LED TV promises brilliant picture quality with a full HD 1920x1080 resolution, and a wider viewing angle of 178˚/178˚ horizontally and vertically. This means that more people can watch comfortably from anywhere across a room, without sacrificing image quality. The TV is designed with invisible speakers that provide excellent audio, and is equipped with down firing technology for surround sound in the entire room. Its built-in ISDB-T Receiver enables the TV to receive and decode digital broadcasts or high-definition signals from local TV networks.

The Devant 43” Digital LED TV specs include:

● Full HD 1920x1080

● Built-in ISDB-T Receiver

● HDMI Input

● USB Input

● 60Hz Vivid Motion

Devant 43STV103 43” Smart TV

Accessing your favorite apps, like Netflix and YouTube is easy and convenient using the Devant

43” Smart TV. The TV displays high-definition pictures, with an image resolution of 1920x1080 that is equivalent to 2 megapixels. This TV runs the Vidaa U Operating System, which gives you the ability to watch life’s greatest moments on your TV screen. You can also look for additional apps through the VIDAA STORE, an HTML5-based storefront of exciting apps that are all optimized for TV.

The Devant 43” Smart TV specs include:

● Full HD 1920x1080

● Vidaa U Operating System

● VIDAA STORE, YouTube, Netflix

● Built-in ISDB-T Receiver

● Anyview Cast

● Vidaa Art

Devant 43UHD201 43” Smart 4K TV

With the Devant 43” Smart 4K TV, you see every on-screen detail in ultra high definition. Its screen has an image resolution of 3840x2160, which is equivalent to 8.3 megapixels. This TV also runs the Vidaa U Operating System and VEWD App Store, giving you access to your favorite video content providers, download fun apps, or simply watch live TV.

With this HDR compatible TV, you can enjoy an expanded contrast ratio and color palette for a more realistic and natural image. Its built-in Bluetooth function lets you wirelessly connect your TV to an external speaker. The Devant 43” Smart 4K TV is also equipped with Anyview Cast, with a screen mirroring function that allows you to wirelessly sync your mobile devices to your TV, and view content on a larger screen.

Devant 43” Smart 4K TV specs include:

● Ultra HD 3840x2160

● Vidaa U Operating System

● VEWD App Store, YouTube, Netflix

● HDR Compatible

● Bluetooth Function

To find out more about the #SpaceSaver43 Condo TV, as well as other products, check out the Devant Website ( Devant products are also available in leading appliance stores nationwide. Follow Devant on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube Devant Official Channel for the latest updates.

Your Globe Rewards Points is Good as Cash!

In this challenging times, we must do everything to save money, right? Whenever I make purchases, I ask myself if I really need this item. I also enjoy earning points every time I spend that is why I like using GCash and Globe Rewards. Did you know that each Globe Rewards point is as good as cash?

At One Point = One Peso, Globe Rewards gives you more buying power to enjoy more perks and benefits across several brands and merchants such as Grab Food, Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and many more. Apart from that, Rewards points may also be redeemed for life’s essentials such as health insurance for as low as 15 points, or GCash credits for as low as 10 points. Running low on load? Rewards points can also be converted into data promos for as low as 2 points for SURF100MB and SURF1GB for only 10 points.

Earning Rewards points is easy, too. Globe mobile customers can easily earn Rewards points by simply paying their monthly bill, loading, or topping up. All Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum, TM, Globe At Home, Home Prepaid WiFi customers, as well as AMAX Retailers are eligible to earn Rewards. In fact, customers have already been experiencing the convenience of redeeming their points especially in emergency situations. Check out the wonderful experiences of our ka-Globe customers.

“Kasi I always use it pang emergency ko, especially pag mauubusan na ako ng load na walang available sa tindahan” a TM customer said. “Very helpful to a consumer like me who has a big family and not enough money to buy load every day” from Globe Prepaid customer.

“The app helps me in emergency situations like when I am running out of data that is very much needed in my studies” from a Globe at Home prepaid subscriber. Some use their points to redeem everyday essentials.

“Thank you @917 and Globe Rewards for my face shield and facemask” from a customer on Instagram. "I bought a hair brush dryer, Davies paint Aqua Gloss, router rack, sticker wall paper and Krispy Kreme…. All from my Globe Rewards Points" shared another happy customer on Instagram who enjoyed the variety of options to redeem points.

Globe Rewards acts like a currency, since our customers are able to use their points as cash. This is our way of saying thank you for using our products and services, and helping our customers to further stretch their budget in these challenging times" said Joey Kilayko, Head of Globe Rewards. Download the Globe Rewards app now to redeem rewards and more. Visit to know more.

I use my Globe Rewards whenever I dine at Figaro, buy a drink at Jamba Juice and doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. Don't forget to check out your Globe Rewards, mine will be expiring by end of March.


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