Women's Month: Embracing Femininity

When I was a kid, my parents would tell me to face my fears. These are fears like seeing a dentist for annual prophylaxis, swimming, and fear of certain animals/pests or insects ( I hope you get what I am talking about). They taught me how to manage my fears by confronting them slowly. It was effective and slowly I was able to manage my fears.

Happy Women's Month!
Canberra, Australia 2019

Some women, including myself, experience this fear every month that our period will surprise us when we're not ready. To be honest, I worry about ruining the bed sheet every first and 2nd day of my menstrual period when I usually have heavy flow. What I usually do is put an extra sheet or underpad on top of our bed sheet to prevent it from staining. I also remain in one position that is side lying while asleep. Then the next day, my left arm is aching.

Charmee Menstrual Pants
Comfortable sleeping with Charmee Menstrual Pants

I’m glad I learned about the Charmee Menstrual Pants. It’s the newest product innovation from Charmee. It’s like a diaper that a baby wears. It is garterized and super absorbent especially made for heavy days instead of wearing long pads. Its cotton pads keeps us dry and away from skin irritation.

Charmee Menstrual Pants is now available at all leading supermarkets and grocery stores. You can also get it at your favorite beauty and wellness shops. It retails at P50/pack.

Charmee Menstrual Pants
Charmee Menstrual Pants

Facing Life Difficulties

Whenever I feel down, tired or giving up. I rest but never give up. In life there’s a season of loneliness, difficulty, and failure. When I feel like giving up, I go back to my “Whys”. I read a book and journal my stresses. I also list down all the things I’m thankful for the day. Remembering important people around me, for their love and support strengthens me. It’s really important that there’s someone we can trust and share our feelings with. It would be great to have someone you can rely on.

Share your own experience in overcoming difficulties. Join us at #RealTalkWithCharmee and together let’s celebrate National Women’s Month!

Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage with Mentholatum and Sunplay

Can you feel the scorching heat of summer? Even if we're confined at home (because it's still quarantine in Manila) make sure to take extra care on your skin. Sun screen is a must! We've been making time for everything from mani-pedis to at-home workouts all in the name of self-care but taking extra time to focus on our skin should be our top priority. For summer, the beauty buzzword is "protect".

Sunplay Skin Aqua
Sunplay Skin Aqua

This summer, protect your skin and lips from the sun and other elements with Mentholatum LipCare products and Sunplay Skin Aqua sunscreens, both beloved Asian beauty brands with cult beauty status.

There may be no summer outings but you still have to make sure your skin is protected from UVA/UVB rays and even blue light. Sunplay Skin Aqua sunscreen is a skincare step you should never miss. One popular choice is Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence with SPF 50+ PA++++; doesn’t feel thick or heavy, and doesn’t contain any fragrance or alcohol. Another is Skin Aqua Sarafit with beauty and protection benefits; blocking UVA/UVB and blue light, plus you will get to have a supple skin because it has Hyaluronic Acid.

Sugar Lip Dancing Pink
Sugar Lip Dancing Pink

Mentholatum LipCare offers different lip balms. One of them is LipIce Magic Color, which is infused with Commiphora Mukul Herbs Extract to smoothen fine lines and keep lips bouncy; enhanced with Beeswax and Argan Oil for 10 hours of moisture and enriched with natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Ternifolia Nut Oil and Aloe Vera Oil Extract to keep lips smooth and healthy. It also has Vitamin E, an antioxidant to protect your lips from the sun and other elements.

Watsons Million Members Thanksgiving Sale

From March 25-28, 2021, enjoy up to 30% off on selected LipCare and Sunplay products at Watsons and SM Beauty. More deals for Watsons Card Members! On March 26-28, 2021, get up to 50% off on select LipCare and Sunplay products in the Watsons Million Members Thanksgiving Sale online and in-store!

LipIce Magic Color
LipIce Magic Color

To celebrate Lazada's 9th Birthday Sale on March 27, there will be special deals and freebies. Get up to 25% off on regular Sunplay products and up to 50% off on Sunplay Watery Cool items. There will also be 10% off on all regular Mentholatum LipCare items and a free LipIce Sugar Lip for every checkout (no minimum purchase requirement) at Mentholatum's Lazada store https://s.lazada.com.ph/s.c4DbU.

Make sure your skin and lips get the love and protection they need with Mentholatum LipCare and Sunplay products.

This Women's Month, I would like to give importance on self-care especially now that we are facing a pandemic. Most women, including myself are coping with fear, anxiety and even health problems. If you have girl friends you think are struggling, send her a message of comfort or just say "hello". 


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