Mother's Day Gift Idea: Luminisce Glam Pouch

It's not selfish to love yourself and take care of yourself before anything else. Unfortunately, many times we often forget about it. Self-care is not optional - in fact, it is essential to every individual. No matter how hectic life can get, making time for oneself should never take a back seat. Everyone knows how busy moms can be and how responsibilities multiply with motherhood. But this time, Luminisce wants to remind mothers to make time for themselves as well. Self-care not only helps improve one’s overall health and well-being, it also helps others too.

Luminisce Glam Pouch
Luminisce Glam Pouch

Now, Luminisce puts the spotlight on mothers who selflessly puts her family first. Introducing the Glam Pouch, a carefully-curated kit that contains different skin care, beauty, and wellness products to give the beauty boost that all moms deserve.

Luminisce Glam Pouch
Luminisce Glam Pouch

Each Glam Pouch contains products that peel, protect, and preserve the skin and body, all in travel-sized versions from supplements to skin care essentials. These include brightening serums, anti-aging creams, vitamins, sunscreens, exfoliating products, and cleansers. It also contains special beauty tools like peel brushes, body brushes, or gua sha stones. Adding a touch of glam is the pouch, created by renowned fashion designer Michael Leyva.  


What’s more, the Glam Pouch is available as an individual purchase or as a monthly subscription, allowing one to receive the best beauty product recommendations that Luminisce has to offer. Each pouch comes in sets of 3, 6, or 9 products. Prices range from Php 888 to Php 2,588 for a single purchase, Php 799 to Php 2,330 for a 3-month subscription, and Php 770 to Php 2,199 for a 6-month subscription. All products vary in every set or monthly subscription.


Together with its At-Home Kits, Luminisce continues to bring its luxe pampering experience at home with the Glam Pouch. Self-care is one of the best gifts one can give and get, and the Glam Pouch is the perfect gift this Mother’s Day as a reminder for loved ones to make time for me-time.

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations
Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations

The Glam Pouch is now available at Luminisce! Call (0977) 804 4601 for queries and orders. Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations is a world-class boutique clinic that aims to provide wellness, beauty, and body care through premium and innovative skin care services. Its goal is to cater towards every patient’s overall health across skin care, physical fitness, and psychosocial well-being. Luminisce provides quality and private healthcare that is achieved by combined expert knowledge and complemented by the latest and cutting-edge laser technology, both through their in-office treatments and signature products.

Uniqueness is what makes one truly beautiful. Luminisce believes that every person deserves to experience wellness inside and out. Years of training and an inclusive perspective towards skin care are at the core of the company’s foundation. Trained in Clinical Dermatology in London and Preventive Medicine in Germany, the clinic’s physician has practiced in several areas both locally and internationally. Her global outlook is an edge in treating diversified cases from basic to complex skin problems.

Its vast offering of products and services are all designed to bring out the best of one’s well-being. From laser treatments to anti-aging, skin resurfacing, scar reduction to lifestyle programs, Luminisce promises to offer the best treatments and programs that will help its customers attain optimum health and beauty. It is time to bring out and celebrate one’s unique beauty. At Luminisce, beauty begins today.

Are you still looking for Mother's Day Gift? Check out the Luminisce Glam Pouch, your mom, wife, sister or aunt will surely love to have it. Happy Mother's Day!


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