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During my younger years and while I was still searching for a job, I remember going to an internet cafe and logging on to my JobStreet account. I would spend an hour searching for jobs that would fit my education. Even then, I already find online job hunting easier and convenient. It also saves me from transportation costs going to their offices just to submit my resume. That time, I'm not that good at using the computer but at least I knew the basics like sending an email and browsing a website. I realized then that maybe it would be better getting more familiar with technology and so I tried to learn about it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we look for jobs. While online job interviews and applying for vacancies in just a few clicks sound simpler, there is actually a lot more that goes into the next normal way of online job seeking. With a large number of candidates seeking the same opportunities amidst the health crisis, it is crucial to maximize opportunities to make the most out of your online job hunting. Leading online job portal JobStreet shares some essential tips on how to adapt to doing your job search online.

Have a powerful resume 

Candidates are currently composed of laid off employees, retrenched OFWs, fresh graduates, and more. So, it is important to take the time to build and improve your resume, including your online profile, to make you stand out.

Create a powerful resume
Create a powerful resume

Work hard on your resume to make it as powerful as it gets. Before submitting online applications, make sure to evaluate the job vacancies and accordingly customize your experience, skills, and achievements that are relevant to the requirements. Proofread your resume before you upload it for the whole world to see.

Build a network

What is great about the digital age is we get to build our network through social media or professional online accounts. You can maximize this and start with the people you know in real life such as but not limited to relatives and friends, professors, classmates, internships, and volunteer work. Although there are numerous job opportunities, there are also many aspiring job candidates making their way through the same platforms you are using. Employee referral will give you an edge against the competition.

Learn technology for good

In this day and age, more and more hiring managers are requiring skills on online platforms and being tech savvy is often non-negotiable. Not only should you know the ropes of online hiring databases, but you should also be open to other digital platforms as well. Upload your resumes and other necessary documents on the cloud for accessibility. If applicable, create an online portfolio to feature your previous works. Most importantly, several employers check out the social media accounts of their applicants so double check your online activity and ensure you do not have anything online that may potentially throw a hiring manager off. One way to do this is to google yourself and see the results.

Work From Home Set-up: Ring light from JuanGadget
Work From Home Set-up: Ring light from JuanGadget

Rehearse online interviews

It is one thing to ace face-to-face job interviews, it is another to do great on your online interviews. Showing yourself presentably still matters in the virtual setting, however, the experience could be different when you are facing a laptop screen. It pays to practice your lines for your virtual job interviews and create connection with the hirer despite not meeting in person. Remember that this is the only way they can speak with you, so make sure to leave a good impression.

Take advantage of career events: JobStreet's Job to Cart

The current situation has given birth to webinars and virtual events, where you can learn many things from the comfort of your home. Should there be a chance to participate in any career events online whether organized by the private sector, government, or online job platforms like JobStreet, make sure to not miss the opportunity. While looking for jobs in the next normal can seem daunting, JobStreet is at the forefront of helping to make this process less stressful with its “Job To Cart” online event, where finding jobs is as easy as online shopping.

From July 26 to 30, candidates can explore a variety of career choices and possibly get hired the same day. You can also catch your favorite performers on JobStreet’s Facebook Live Jam featuring Fighting Monday, Reese Lansangan, and The Juans where they will also talk about career experiences. Meanwhile, hosts Show Suzuki and Bea Benedicto will also showcase job opportunities available in the “Job To Cart” during the live show.

Online job-hunting is already different from what we are used to but having the knowledge and maximizing opportunities in the digital space will put you at an advantage, allowing you to take that next step in your career journey. For more information and to join “Job To Cart,” visit

It might be difficult in the beginning but as you do it regularly, trying to familiarize yourself with the technology, it will be a lot more easier and even fun searching for online jobs in the Philippines. JobStreet has even made it more interactive with JobToCart, a four day online job fair. Don't miss this great opportunity. Good luck!


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