Sharing Insights on Stress Management for Brigada Eskwela Webinar

I received an invitation from Pita Elementary School in Dinalupihan, Bataan as one of their resource speakers for the opening of the school year 2021. My topic was very timely, especially that we are facing a global pandemic. I was asked to discuss Stress Management and Positive Discipline. Because we are still under MECQ and face-to-face meetings are not allowed, we had it online.

Sharing Insights on Stress Management

Some of you already know that I wear different hats. Aside from blogging, I'm also a financial advisor. I also help my husband in his business. Apart from that, I do household chores and maintain orderliness at home - cleaning, organizing. Despite the busy schedule, I'm thankful that I can still do other things I love like baking, reading a book, and attending bible studies on Wednesday nights. Friends ask me how I was able to do all these things and I'm always honest to say that it was quite challenging.

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Yours truly as the guest speaker at Pita Elem. School for the opening of School Year 2021

Stress is our body's reaction to pressure from any situation. Our reaction can be positive or negative. There are times we react negatively when we can't handle the pressure anymore. This is why it is important to learn effective ways to manage stress. This was my discussion and presentation during the Brigada Eskwela webinar hosted by Pita Elementary School.

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I'm using my five year old Asus laptop, Apple iPad and Logitech mouse.
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Today, allow me to share relevant insights on dealing with stress. Self-care including proper nutrition, enough sleep, and exercise should be top priority.  Some signs and symptoms of difficulty handling stress include difficulty sleeping, weight gain or weight loss, stomach pain, heartburn, irritability and panic attacks.

Brigada Eskwela Webinar
Brigada Eskwela Webinar

To manage stress it is important to analyze the source of stress. It would help if you find balance in life (work-life balance). As mentioned earlier, self-care should be prioritized. And finally, apply stress management techniques such as deep breathing, relaxation and listening to music. It would help talking to someone you can trust and venting out your feelings. 

It was an honor to speak to the teachers of Pita Elementary School. I hoped that I was able to share valuable insights on stress management. I wish them good luck for the opening and the rest of the school year. 


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