Getting Vaccinated with Covid-19, Quick Shopping at 7-Eleven

After a long discussion with my husband, I've finally made up my mind to get the Covid-19 vaccine. My first shot was in September 2 and the second was September 30. Now, I can share my experience and how I prepared for it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Covid-19 Vaccine Experience

Thankfully, I did not experience any adverse reaction with the vaccine. Weeks before the vaccination, I made sure that I got enough sleep, ate well and took my vitamins. I prayed so hard and asked for His guidance in making decisions.

We left Quezon City around nine in the morning for my 11am vaccination schedule at Three Parkade. Traffic was okay so we arrived on time. There was a short queue at the registration site, it took me about twenty minutes before I finally received the Moderna vaccine.

I only felt heaviness on my arm, at the injection site. But with the second dose, there was heaviness and it was more painful on the injection site. Compared to the first and second shots, I was down on the second. Aside from the pain at the injection site, I had low grade fever, headache, body pains, and felt nauseated. It's important to rest, hydrate and eat nutritious food when you're not feeling well. I increase my fluid intake and took paracetamol only once because of the body aches. Three days later, I'm back to regular activities - exercise and household chores. I still observe if there will be Covid-19 vaccine delay reaction, so far there was none.

Quick Shopping at 7-Eleven

I knew that I might feel sick due to vaccination so we prepared for it. Hubby does not know how to cook so we went to 7-Eleven for essentials, ready-to-heat meals and snacks. Ready-to-heat viands such as Pork Steak, Chicken Curry, and Beef Caldereta are priced at Php159 each and are good for two to three pax. Baliwag Liempo or Lechon Manok are also available at Php115 each. These no-cook, easy-to-prepare #My711HottaUlam meals are the best choice for individuals and families who have a limited budget to spend and no time to spare.

7-Eleven Philippines
So many food to choose from at 7-Eleven

You can choose from Rico’s Lechon Binagoongan, Rico’s Lechon Sisig. I wanted veggies so we get the Pork Laing and Ginataang Langka. We saw two sticks of Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, Fried Bangus. 7-Eleven's HottaUlam! are affordable and sulit at Php55 to Php79 per pack.

7-11 Cliqq Pay App7-11 Cliqq Pay App

HottaUlam at 7-ElevenRico's Lechon at 7-Eleven

I had Yang chow with beef longganisa and egg for breakfast and plant-based burger for snacks the next day. Rico's lechon binagoongan tastes good and it's a bit spicy, we had it for lunch. We love the 7-Eleven BBQ sticks, it's tender and juicy.

Other items we got from 7-Eleven includes paracetamol, Gatorade (electrolyte), banana, and yogurt. I'm sure ready for this short break after the Covid-19 vaccination. I'm glad we can easily get essentials at 7-Eleven convenience store 24/7.

7-Eleven Plant-based burgerBaliwag Lechon at 7-Eleven

So if there’s a 7-Eleven store nearby, go ahead and try their newest offerings. You can also shop for essentials from eggs, loaf bread, seasoning, cooking oil to cleaning supplies in all 7-Eleven stores. For safety, you may choose the contactless payment methods like CLiQQ app and GCash. Follow @711ph on Instagram, and @711philippines on Twitter for news and updates.

Aside from HottaUlam, we regularly purchase 7-Eleven siopao. How about you, what are your favorites from 7-Eleven? Make sure to follow health and safety protocols each time you go out. Stay safe and healthy!


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