Meet the Passionate Team of Dragon Edge Group

 I met the fun and energetic people of Dragon Edge Group during their awarding ceremony and company celebration for receiving the "Best Place to Work" by the Best Places to Work, held at the VU's sky bar and lounge of Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas. Dragon Edge Group is the company behind the popular Beach Hut Sunblock and Cycles Laundry Detergent for Babies.

Dragon Edge Group (DEG) was certified as a “best place to work” in the country for 2023 by Best Places to Work, a world-renowned company certification program in partnership with Best Companies Group.

Dragon Edge Group Founders
Dragon Edge Group founders, CEO Dennis and Mother of Marketing Emily Balajadia

Since 2010, Best Places to Work has been honoring organizations with the highest standards of excellence in human resource (HR) practices and employee experience. The assessment is purely employee-based, factoring in employee conditions, compensation and benefits, motivation, relationship, training, well-being, career development, leadership, and culture. DEG is the only company of its size certified for this award in the Philippine FMCG industry in the last five years.

“This award isn’t like any other. Simply put, you’re being recognized for creating workplaces where your employees love to come to work. However, beyond that, you’re being honored for being the best of the best in your country,” says Peter Burke, Best Companies Group President.

Beach HutBeach Hut Sunscreen

“As a result of this achievement, your brand as an employer just got a lot stronger. You will enjoy the benefits of better job candidates, lower employee turnover, and a better reputation in your community and around the company. I can’t stress enough how proud I am to be associated with a worthwhile program,” Burke added.

Becoming a “Best Place to Work” in the Philippines

Since 2005, DEG has been creating remarkable brands that bring more joy to people’s lives. Behind the company’s success is a passionate team that ensures only the best-quality products reach stores and our homes.

Dragon Edge Group
Fun games and prizes

Beyond its products for customers, DEG also fosters a positive work environment with a unique and innovative culture for its employees. As a result, DEG employees and officers, also known as “DEGsters,” embody an edginess that ultimately spills over to their work and professional relationships.

VU's Sky Lounge and Bar

At Dragon Edge Group, the top priority is giving DEGsters the chance to learn and letting their creative juices flow. Founders Dennis and Emily Balajadia believe that the best ideas come from “relaxed, informal settings,” such as meeting over drinks by their coffee bar, chilling by the office swings and their war room. This encourages the team to think outside the box to come up with attention-grabbing campaigns for their brands.

Woman in Digital

This has led to some of the wildest yet brilliant Beach Hut ideas, like becoming the first sunblock to fly to space in 2017, which was crafted during a company inuman.

DEG doesn’t stop at training and workshops in the office as DEGsters are given the chance to learn from the best by getting their Master’s degrees from prestigious universities, like Ateneo Business School and Wharton School. Recreational activities such as scuba diving and mixology have also been crucial in their professional and culture development.

“We’re honored that Dragon Edge Group was named the Best Places to Work in the Philippines. Everything we do is for the growth and betterment of our DEGsters, so it’s really heartwarming to be recognized for the positive work culture we’ve fostered throughout the years,” says Dennis Balajadia, Dragon Edge Group Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Our goal here in DEG is to create a fun and welcoming environment where our employees can thrive and let their creative juices flow. If our employees are happy and motivated, you can see the love that they put into their work,” adds Emily Balajadia, Dragon Edge Group Co-founder and Mother of Marketing.

Creative Edge

Dragon Edge’s first product was a bottle of Beach Hut Sunblock in 2006, which was the first and only local spray-on sunblock at the time. This innovation pushed them to create other brands that challenged the status quo, and became the pioneers of many products, such as the first baby detergent Cycles and the first natural baby bottle and nipple cleanser, Cradle.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, DEG quickly responded by creating and distributing COV-X alcohol in just 11 days to help communities to stay safe and healthy.

The company has also expanded nationwide, and already has footprints in Indonesia. Not only did this allow DEG to branch their products out further, the expansion also created many opportunities for employees to help grow the company, while also growing within it themselves.

“We’ve gone a long way from our humble beginnings with Beach Hut. Now, we have a total of nine brands, and we are still growing,” says Dennis.

For Dragon Edge Group, working hard for our customers is just the beginning. It’s just as important to have a good time and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. When they are able to spread joy and positivity in the workplace, they are able to do the same to every person around them. For more information about Dragon Edge Group and its brands, visit their official website.

Congratulations to Dragon Edge Group! I am happy to be part of your celebration! 


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